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We are the only, Official organisers of the UK Grand National Premier Pigeon Races.  Open to all pigeon fanciers in the United Kingdom. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join our Elite National Club.




Presentation Night Speeches

on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 14:36.

The National Flying Club is honored to have Her Majesty the Queen as our patron and each year at the presentation there is a loyal toast presented by the President of the club followed by a toast to the Ladies present and Guests. Subsequently there are a number of speeches and I thought it would be a gesture of appreciation to the speakers, to recount them here for all to digest.


Pearson & Dransfield Auction

on Saturday, 04 February 2017 14:09.

Pearson Dransfield 2

Race Results History


Due to Racing Rule 33: - "Provisional results of any race, based on times reported by members either by telephone or online, shall not be made available in any format until it is felt probable that all competing sections have been won, taking into account any potential velocity achieveable by the furthest flying competing member in each section." This new rule proposed by Mr. P. O'Leary, Waterlooville, voted on by the general membership and past, means the provisional results will not be displayed until the criteria within the rule has been met.  

These videos to see how to display and filter race history results.

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Important News

FOUGERES Latest Lib News - Check here for the latest news re the birds at Fougeres. Message update - The birds at Fougeres have been liberated at 8.00 hrs in a lt South South-East wind veering South West on the channel changing  to South in England. They cleared immediately in clear blue sky. 

FOUGERES NUMBERS AWAY - See how many birds are away on this provisional file which will change once marking has taken place and corrections have occurred. click onto the link 1 Fougeres 2017 Numbers Away

RACE DISTANCES - Race distances have been uploaded for members to review. Check them out by logging in, click 'Race Info', then 'Race Distances'. 

FOUGERES NATIONAL - Online race entry is now enabled. Entries close on Monday 15th May at midnight. Login first, the 'Race Entry' option will appear under the menu option 'Members'.

AUCTION SALE - Currently running, this is your chance to purchase some of the best birds in the UK at this present time. Click onto AUCTION SALE.

NEW MARKING STATION for the North East of England - Venue is D J Evans Youth Club, Bowburn, Co Durham, DH6 5AN. Marking on Wednesdays, opening times are from 17.30 hrs to  19.30 hrs. (Not open for Tarbes or Saintes. Y/B race to be confirmed) I/c is Bob McKie, tel. no. 07828 961442.

6th February, 2017 - A momentous day for our Patron, Her Majesty The Queen, more...

See the result of the voting for the 2017 season: - click onto the following link, more...

See the 2017 Race Program: - Click onto, 'Race Info', then, 'Race Dates' or click onto the following link, more...

See WHO is WHO re the 2017 Season Committee Members: - Click onto, 'Info', then, 'Who's Who', or click onto the following link, more...

  Numbers in Baskets

Click on to the file to read re numbers put in baskets: -


       Verify your race bird online SAVE THE PREMIUM RATE PHONECALL!

Once you have logged in as a member, (follow the login instructions on the login page), all members can now verify their birds re Racing Rule 26. Click on the 'Members' menu bar and then select 'RACE VERIFICATION'. Ensure you enter the correct details! You will receive an e-mail, now with a verification number, to prove your verification to the clock station.


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