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We are the only, official organisers of the UK Grand National Races.  Open to all pigeon fanciers in the United Kingdom; please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join our Club.





2015 Fougeres Race Advisors Report

on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 11:28.

Read the 2015 Fougeres National race advisors report: -



Fougeres 2015 Section Toppers

on Sunday, 24 May 2015 10:27.



Below are the provisional section toppers from Fougeres. Well done to all of you.


Section                  Fancier

1A                            S &L Harris       

1B                            Darling & Ede                                               

1C                            W Woods

1D                           A.J.Weymouth

1E                           M Gilbert

1F                           F Lloyd & E Kelly

1G                           Howse and Parsons

1H                           A Smith

1I                            G & J Jones & Adams

1J                           Mr & Mrs G W Kirkland

1K                          Pearson & Dransfield

1L                          Gavin & Glynn Buckley

Important News

2015 Fougeres Race Advisors Report: -

Read the Race Advisors report:


2015 Fougeres Car Winner -

Provisional Car Winner is 3rd Open, 2nd Sect K, D-W Thompson from Grimethorpe in Barnsley, Yorkshire.  'CONGRATULATIONS'

Check here - The latest Fougeres liberation & race controllers news updates.

 23/05/15 - The birds have been liberated at 11.15 hrs in a light North East wind.  Good luck to every one.

 Members distances for 2015 

The members distances have now been uploaded and can be viewed after logging in.

 The NFC Presentation 2014

 A report on the Gala Presentation night in Harrogate. Click here for the full report.

  View the 2015 Handbook now online

The 2015 handbook will be received by the members near the end of April, but view it online now, click onto the link: - 2015 Handbook

   2015/2016 Shows

The National Flying Club will be in attendance at the following shows: -

Epsom Fair Racing Pigeon Show, 31/10/15

Old Comrades Pigeon Show, Doncaster, 14/11/15

The Racing Pigeon Telford Show, 28/11/15

BHW Show of the Year 2016, 16/01/16


   View The National Flying Club Auction Sale Final Lists

 of the successful bidders/winners of the lots that were on offer! Click on to: -





   Verify your race bird online SAVE THE PREMIUM RATE PHONECALL!

Once you have logged in as a member, (follow the login instructions on the login page), all members can now verify their birds re Racing Rule 26. Click on the 'Members' menu bar and then select 'RACE VERIFICATION'. Ensure you enter the correct details! You will receive an e-mail, now with a verification number, to prove your verification to the clock station.



   2015 Race Entry Forms

 Now available to download!











































































































































































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