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2015 Tarbes numbers away

on Friday, 04 September 2015 17:57.

Click onto the files below to see the summary of birds away prior to marking checks etc.: -




Important News

Auction Sale - Check out the Sale List: - Auction List 2016

Check out the clubs new 2016 Auction Site & Sale. There are fantastic birds on offer (50 Lots) with the sale starting on 14th Feb and finishing on Sunday 21st Feb. Click this link: - AUCTION 


 Latest News - Check out the new 2016 Management Committee and contact details, click onto the menu option, 'Info' then, 'WHO'S WHO'

 Latest News - Notice to inform the membership that Bishop Stortford has sadly closed down. Mr. J. Searle has done a great job. In replacement the New Marking Station will be: -  Brook orchard, Brook Road, Bassingbourn, Royston, SG8 5NS. The new I/c is: - Kevin Grace – Tel. No. 07580 223333. E-mail: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blackpool weekend- latest national notes   -blackpool2016.pdf

Read the report of the 2016 AGM here- nfc agm2016.pdf

If the Devil was to cast his net - 2015 Dinner and presentation- click here to read the  full report and view the photos.2015 nfc presentation.pdf

Engineered to succeed-The Rob Rome family. Click here to read an article on the national sucesses of Rob Rome over the past 4 year - Rob Rome.pdf

 Williams and Hassell - a well kept secret. Click here to read the loft report on the inaugural winners of The Mark Gilbert International Trophy. williams and Hassall.pdf


Guernsey Old Hens

Read the Guernsey Old Hens national report...

Guernsey Young Bird Race Report...young bird Guernsey

 Latest Guernsey YB & OH Race Advisors Liberation News

(06/09/15) The birds at Guernsey have been liberated at 9.00 hrs in a light East wind and cleared immediately.

Tarbes race report 

The full race report is now available to read online...Tarbes 2015

Latest Tarbes Race Advisors Liberation News


The birds at Tarbes have been liberated at 14.20 hrs in a Light South West wind. They cleared immediately in bright sunshine.

 Tarbes Hours of Darkness now uploaded, click onto 'Race Info', then 'HOURS OF DARKNESS'.

 Saintes full result -

Check out the full result with 1,034 birds on. Click 'Race Info' then 'Race Results'. Change the selection criteria...  

 Read the Saintes Race Report: -

NFC Saintes Race Report 2015.pdf

 Saintes Hours of Darkness now uploaded, click onto 'Race Info', then 'HOURS OF DARKNESS'.

 Latest Saintes Race Advisors Liberation News

The birds at Saintes have been liberated at 6.30 hrs in a light West wind turning South West on route. 


   Read the full race report for Ancenis: -

click here for the race winners.

 2015 Ancenis Race Advisors Report: -

 Read the Race Advisors report, click on to the file: -


  Numbers in Baskets

Click on to the file to read re numbers put in baskets: -


   Messac Race report.

View the full race report for the Messac National race.

NFC Messac 2015.pdf 

   2015 Fougeres Race Report

Read the Fougeres Press Officers report: - NFC Fougeres May2015.pdf

   2015 Fougeres Race Advisors Report: -

Read the Race Advisors report:


       Verify your race bird online SAVE THE PREMIUM RATE PHONECALL!

Once you have logged in as a member, (follow the login instructions on the login page), all members can now verify their birds re Racing Rule 26. Click on the 'Members' menu bar and then select 'RACE VERIFICATION'. Ensure you enter the correct details! You will receive an e-mail, now with a verification number, to prove your verification to the clock station.

     2015 Race Entry Forms

 Now available to download!
























































































































































































































































2015 Ancenis Race Advisors Report: -

Read the Race Advisors report: -




























































































































































































































































































































































































































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