Terms & Conditions

a) Shipping and payment

  • All products which require shipment will incur a postage and packing cost of £1.00.
  • Barclay Card payments will not incur any transaction processing charges
  • The above costs will be automatically added to your shopping basket prior to checkout.
  • Re General Rule 4: - All members must pay their fees before April 1st each year.
  • All products and services MUST be paid via Barclay Card before goods will be dispatched.
  • Times of dispatch depend on what time the order is placed and what the order is for. Delivery for rings normally should be the next working day, clothing etc., can take 28 days. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have any concerns.
  • If you require to use an alternative form of payment please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

b) Refunds / Returned Goods. 

All products which require to be returned will be expected within 28 days. Once returned goods have been received, refunds will be made. Immediate refunds will be made if required, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Race Fees and Pools are not returnable to members whose birds fail to arrive at the Marking Station.

c) Current Prices

Joining Fee £5.00
Subscriptions £24.00
RPRA Fees £8.00 per individual
Normal Rings £8.00 per twenty (Sold in multiples of twenty.)
Combi Rings £8.00 per twenty (Sold in multiples of twenty.)
Gold Rings £5.00 each
TNFC Club Tie £5.00 each
TNFC Centenary Tie  £3.00 each
Enamel Badges £1.25 each
TNFC Sweatshirts £20.00 each (Please note that delivery can take a period of time)
Blazer Badges £10.00 each
Dinner Booking £36.00 per person (Please note that when ordering, you must specify the name of each individual and if applicable their TNFC code number)
Race Fees

Fougeres - £3.50 per bird
Cholet - £3.50 per bird
Messac - £3.50 per bird
Tarbes - £6.50 per bird
Saintes - £5.50 per bird
Vire YB - £3.50 per bird
Vire OH - £3.50 per bird

Marking Fee £1.00
Non Rung TNFC Birds  £5.00 per bird on top of the birdage.
Race Pools Race pools have been standardized for each race: -
A=50p, B=£1, C=£2, D=£3, E=£4, F=£5, G=£10, H=£20, I=£40, J=£1, K=£5, L=50p, M=£1, N=£2, O=£3, P=£4, Q=£5, R=£10, S=£20, T=£40, U=£1, V=£5
  Non standardized pools are: -
W=Free Tarbes. W=50p Saintes & Vire YB. X=£3 all races except Vire OH,  Y=£1 all races except Vire YB, Z=£3.75 Fougeres, Z=£2.50 Cholet & Messac, Z=£5.00 Tarbes, Saintes & Vire OH, Z=Free Vire YB.

d) Cancellation Policy

Full refunds will be made with the following conditions: - Should you wish to cancel your order for goods, a full refund will be made immediately upon request or receipt of cancelation request as long as the goods haven’t been sent out or the
goods have been returned. Members cannot cancel their subscriptions due, after the Annual General Meeting for the year concerned. Resignations must be received prior to the Date of the AGM as advertised in the membership handbook, each
member receives. Cancelation of race entries, can only be done prior to the marking stations being notified of race entries and prior to baskets and space provided for being ordered.



1. The National Flying Club shall be a member of The Royal Pigeon Racing Association whose Official and Standard Rules will apply at all times.  Anything arising from, but not provided for, in the following Domestic. Racing and Clock Rules shall be decided by the Committee whose decision is final and binding, subject to appeal to the RPRA within 21 days.

2. This organisation shall be called The National Flying Club, with headquarters at the residence or designated office of the Secretary. The lofts of all members must be situated within the United Kingdom, and should any member remove his loft to a place outside this area, so defined, his competitive membership shall cease.

3. The object of the Club to be the organisation and carrying out of Grand National Races, open to Fanciers in the United Kingdom.

4. Fanciers wishing to join the Club shall pay an entrance fee to be set by the management committee. There will be an automatic increase in the membership subscription every year of 5% rounded down to the nearest 25p.  The committee would have the right, not to increase if they saw fit.  Current 2012 subscriptions are £24.00. The Management Committee shall decide the price of rings and in what quantity to sell. All orders to include the cost of postage and pack postage, the amount to be decided by the Management Committee. All members must pay their fees before April 1st each year. A fully completed application form must accompany application for, or renewal of membership. All such Business to be transacted through the post or through NFC website using the appropriate forms, under no circumstances will members be allowed to deliver by hand to the home of the Secretary. Only those who pay the said Fees will be sent rule books, race sheets, etc. These are to be sent to members no later than the end of April. Members wishing to resign must do so before the date of the A.G.M., otherwise they will be liable for their next years subscriptions. Receipts will be sent with rings if ordered, or with members’ Rule Books in April.

5. Emergency meeting. In an emergency the Committee to have power to resolve that emergency, five members including the President or Chairman to form a quorum.

6. The Committee of Management to consist of a President, Chairman, Life Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer and a Committee of not less than 10, nor more than 40 members, who shall be elected from members of the club.  Notwithstanding, the maximum number of members of the Committee of Management residing within any one section will be two, except in the case of Life Vice-Presidents who shall not be included in the Section Quota. Where the number of candidates within a section exceeds the permitted quota, selection shall be decided by members attending the A.G.M. by ballot. Any member of the Committee who moves from his/her section shall resign from the Committee. The Secretary and Assistant Secretary shall be appointed under agreement. It shall be the duty of the Secretary or  Assistant Secretary to attend all meetings of the Committee and to record and keep the Minutes thereof. The Secretary and Assistant Secretary shall be paid a salary and, subject to the agreement entered into, payments into an authorized pension fund are also admissible. All money received by the Secretary and Assistant Secretary, either as payment for services rendered and for pension or expenses shall be shown in the accounts of the National Flying Club. The cost of all computer programmes, systems, hardware, software and processing will be shown in the accounts with expenses of secretarial functions.

7. One general meeting at least of the members of the Club shall be held annually for the passing of the balance sheet, and such resolutions as they may deem necessary as to any alteration of the rules, also for the election of the members of the Committee of Management. The Annual General Meeting to be held not later than the second Saturday in February in each year.

8. The Committee shall suspend from the Club any member who, in their opinion, has wilfully violated the rules or who has been guilty of  dishonourable conduct in connection with the pigeons, pigeon races, or exhibitions, or sport generally, and may suspend any member whom they deem unsuitable to be a member of the Club.

9. Members withdrawing from the Club shall forfeit all claims to its property. Members being suspended from the Club shall forfeit all claims to prizes, pools, entry fees and property.

10. The word Committee in these rules shall be construed to mean the majority of the members of the Committee attending a meeting of such Committee, duly called by the Secretary by notice in writing, addressed and posted to each member of the Committee, and voting on the question in dispute; and in the event of the votes of such members so voting being equally divided, then the word Committee shall be construed as meaning the Chairman of such Committee meeting who shall have the casting vote.

11. No member of the Club shall vote, speak or make propositions at any meeting of the Club or Committee on any subject matter relative to which he has a financial interest.

12. The Committee can indicate on the Ballot paper a preference for any particular outcome of any of the proposals submitted by the general membership if the committee considers that a resolution would cause serious adverse and fundamental problems or would be favourable, advantageous and in the best interests of the club.

13. In the event of there being more than one item of a similar nature on the Ballot Paper, the one receiving the greatest majority in favour, shall be the one acted upon.

14. Members submitting resolutions, judged to be out of order shall be advised of this fact, such resolutions shall not be included on the ballot paper.

15. Committee meetings shall be open to all members of the N.F.C. dates and agenda to be published in the British Homing World and The Racing Pigeon at least seven days before the arranged meeting. During the course of any committee meeting the chairman shall, with the permission of the committee, have the authority to exclude non – committee members whilst any particular matter is discussed and decided.

16. A certificate of Merit shall be awarded to: -
  (a) Any pigeon that is placed in the first 100 in the Open result of longest O.B. race 3 times.
  (b) Any pigeon placed in the first 200 in the Open result of the longest O.B. race 3 times flying over 650 miles.

17. (a) - The Committee of Management shall decide the amount of prize money and birdage fees in all races and shall apportion the total prize money between open and sections as they see fit. The Committee may impose a cut-off amount below which they consider it inappropriate to award a cash prize on account of the smallness of the amount won and/or the processing costs of making such a payment being uneconomical. Any such small unpaid amounts shall be returned to the general fund.
  (b) - In the event of any prize money not being won, through insufficient arrivals at the close of the race the said prizes may be divided between those birds timed, in accordance with a decision by the Committee of Management.
  (c) - Open prize money will be
allocated to the first 20 places in each National race. The 20 open prizes shall be awarded as follows: - 1st 20%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 10%, 4th 8%, 5th 7%, 6th 6%, 7th 5%, 8th 9th and 10th 4%, 11th and 12th 3%, 13th 14th and 15th 2%, 16th 17th 18th 19th and 20th  1% of total open prize money.
Subject to any cut-off limitation section prize money will be allocated on the basis of the number of birds entered in each section on a graduated scale ranging from 1st prize to 40th prize of the total prize money in that section.

18. Trophies offered to the National Flying Club will be accepted only on the conditions laid down by the Committee.

19. Cash, whether registered or not, will not be accepted as payment for fees to the Club.

20. The President and Management Committee has the authority and power at any time, to elect any member of the N.F.C. to the position of Honorary Life Member of the club for services rendered to the National Flying Club.

21. A report of all Annual General and Committee Meetings shall be published.

22. The posts of convoyers and race advisors shall be decided by the N.F.C. Committee only.

23. All objections, appeals, or grievances must be in writing to the Secretary.

24. If a race point, voted for by the membership cannot be used, the Committee shall substitute the nearest official site that reflects members preferred liberation area.

25. Metal rings will be allocated to members on a first come first served basis, with no preferential or guarded allocation of rings to specific members.

26. The club will have no races within the clubs stated boundaries except for emergency action being required.

27. Any matter arising, which cannot be dealt with at a scheduled committee meeting may be resolved by the President with the committees agreement, via a telephone conference. Any decision to be confirmed at the next scheduled committee meeting.

28. All competitors will be charged a fee set by the Management Committee in all NFC Races. This fee to be paid with entries on Part B.

29. The Management Committee shall decide the venue of the Prize Presentation, whom shall take in to account, a venue based on a rotational choice, the costs involved, the availability and functionality.

30. Should a vacancy exist for a Section representative for whatever reason, the committee has the right to co-opt members on to the committee to fill said vacancy.


1. The Committee of the National Flying Club decide the race programme and race dates.

2. The young bird race shall be flown with birds bred in the current year and rung with special rings issued by the N.F.C. Any member wishing to enter a young bird with a ring number not issued by the N.F.C. will pay a fee set by the Management Committee per bird on top of the birdage to the marking station I/c official. No bird will be accepted for this race if it also carries an intact metal ring of a year earlier to the year in which the race is flown.

3. All National Race liberations to be at the convoyer’s discretion taking into account the prevailing weather conditions and always in the best welfare interest of the pigeons under his care. Such liberations to be made after full consultation with the clubs race advisors who will be expected to obtain proper weather forecasts from an approved source. These weather reports to be published after the race along with the convoyers report.

4. (a) The races of the National Flying Club will be flown on the system of velocity proper. All races will close when the velocity falls below 220 yards per minute.
  (b) The NFC adopt the RPRA system hours of darkness.

5. The bird making the highest velocity shall be declared the winner, excepting when in the opinion of the Committee after having given full consideration to the circumstances and conditions prevailing at the time, a pigeon returns an improbable velocity then that pigeon be disqualified from the race.

6. The Secretary shall instruct the nearest Committee member or other authorized person to verify ANY performance he so thinks requires verification.

7. (a) Birds will be marked at the listed marking stations and must arrive prior to the closing times stated in this book. Late birds may be refused.
  (b) Competitors must not share the same baskets or containers.
  (c) Birds brought in cardboard containers will not be accepted.
  (d) Birds sent by parcel delivery carriers will only be accepted subject to prior arrangement with the marking station I/C.
  (e) All emptied containers leaving markers will be inspected by N.F.C. officials before being returned to owners.
  (f) Birds and containers will be accepted by the N.F.C. at the owners’ risk.

8. Members may have their clocks set and checked at local clubs.

9. Race Fees and Pools are not returnable to members whose birds fail to arrive at the Marking Station.

10. Diplomas shall be issued to the first 200 birds in the open and to the first 20 in each section if not already awarded an open diploma. The first 20 in the open and all section winners not in the first 20 shall be awarded a specially designed National Flying Club Diploma.

11. Entry Form A or any other acceptable form of entry together with all fees, must be received by the Secretary on the Monday before a Thursday marking or on a Saturday prior to a Wednesday marking, entries received after the stipulated day may be refused. No extra birds will be accepted at marking stations.

12. All competitors in all races must have a loft location with a distance measurement of 480 miles or over at Pau, code 5034.

13. In the event of a mistake being made at marking, necessitating the alteration of rubber rings on a member’s sheet, the i/c to be informed. The envelope not to be sealed until he has checked same and initiated the alteration.

14. The weather forecast for all races to be obtained from the Met Office or Satellite Services. Also actual conditions to be obtained by whatever means possible.  A full report of the forecasts obtained to be printed in the fancy press.

15. POOLS. There will be Open and Section pools in all races, as follows:-
50p, £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £20, £40 paid out at 20/1. Also a £5 Single Nomination in both Section and Open to be paid out as one prize in each Section and Open. In both Section and Open there will be a £1 nomination, unlimited entries, with prizes of 50%, 30% and 20%. In the intermediate and young bird races there will be 50p Charity pools for Sections only. The proceeds will be divided equally between the Charities (to be named later) and the Nominated Section winners. There will be a free Ladies Single nomination in the Grand National race for the French Challenge  Trophy. A percentage set by the Management Committee will be deducted from all pools and nominations, Charity pools excepted, before allocation of prizes. Car / Special nomination pools for each race may be arranged by the Committee. To indicate your pools place a cross in the appropriate column on Part B of your Entry Form, Part A must be completed and returned according to Rule 11 above.

16. All claims and objections with reference to any race results of the N.F.C. must be lodged in writing to the secretary, within seven days of the publication of that race result,  which will be published in the Racing Pigeon, British Homing World and on the NFC website.

17. Sections. The sections shall be those as defined in the map in the front of this Rule Book, based on PAU Code 5034. If any of these rules are broken, it may lead to disqualification.

18. The Committee has the power to adjust Sections where it is found necessary.

19. The Committee is instructed to reallocate those Trophies affected by the change of County Boundaries, bearing in mind the wishes of the Donors should they be deceased and by consultation should they be alive.

20. The minimum floor space when birds are convoyed to be:- As RPRA rule 127.

21. National Flying Club will only accept birds for competition from lofts that have complied with the current M.A.F.F. statutory requirements on Paramyxovirus vaccination.

22. In the event of continuing inclement weather at the race point, the convoyer and race advisors have the authority to move the race birds to another approved liberation site. Such decisions only to be taken with the approval of five committee members under the direction of the N.F.C. President or Chairman. The reasons for such a decision to be published along with the convoyers report at the earliest opportunity following the race.

23. Trophies and club averages to be allocated to the respective race winners automatically by the secretary from the computed race results with certain exceptions. Some of the trophies / cups allocated i.e. to a metropolitan police area or cups awarded to a person over a certain age need to be applied for because this information isn’t held on the N.F.C. computer. Trophies, prize money, ring specials and any other award, will be paid and/or awarded as they would have been in the race that has been substituted. Any member not attending the trophy presentation, but wishes to have the trophy or replica sent by post must notify the Secretary seven days before the presentation and include the cost of carriage.

24. All the previous years’ section  winners will be printed in the Rule Book along with distance, time and velocity.

25. The club promote each year “A Golden Ring Scheme”, to be flown in conjunction with the club’s Young Bird race, as follows:
The club to purchase special rings and offer them to the membership, post and packing paid when ordered with other club rings.
A percentage set by the Management Committee net of proceeds to be retained by club plus cost of any unsold rings.
The balance of proceeds to be paid as prizes (disposable funds).
35% of disposable funds to be offered as Distance Prizes competed for within the following bands:- Only one prize in each band.
(A) Members flying under 570 miles from Pau – Code 5034.
(B) Members flying 570 miles to 660 miles from Pau – Code 5034.
(C) Members flying over 660 miles from Pau – Code 5034.
65% of disposable funds paid as section prizes proportionate to the number of Gold Rings sold in each section. The value of these prizes is decided by the current Committee of Management.

26. All members competing in the National Flying Club races must verify the time of clocking their first bird by ringing the official telephone number within 60 minutes, with the full ring number of the bird, clocking time and NFC code number. The system to be a premium rate number phone system run by the Secretary of the NFC and such staff as he/she considers necessary, who will input the information onto computers. Failure to comply with this rule will be disqualification of the members birds from the race.

27. On all results of the National Flying Club races the number of birds entered by each member, or members, who appear on the result sheet to be included.

28. The Club to promote a Yearling Championship to be held in conjunction with the shortest Old Bird Race. Only rings issued by the National Flying Club will qualify for the Yearling Championship. Sections to be banded as follows: Up to 220 miles, 220 to 300 miles, 300 and over, each band to be divided by longitude 1 degree 30 min W,

29. The Committee have the power to instruct that drug testing be carried out on any leading or big money winning birds.

30. An old hens race to be flown on the same day and from the same race point in conjunction with the young bird race and there to be a separate young bird national result and a separate old hens result. The old hens race shall not be included in any NFC averages.

31. The N.F.C. is to ensure that the birds being transferred from one marking station to another are transferred in an appropriate vehicle with adequate ventilation for the birds. At least two persons are to travel with the birds.

32. All international races to be self supporting.

33. All races shall be advertised in the Racing Pigeon and the British Homing World the weekend prior to the closing date of race entries.

If any of these rules are broken, it may lead to disqualification.


1. Any clock, except E.T.S. set for use in an N.F.C. race must be used exclusively for arrivals in that National race. Penalty for non compliance will be disqualification.

2. Competitors must supply their own dials (these may be charged for by clock station supplying same), AND LABEL CLOCKS GIVING THEIR NAME AND ADDRESS.

3. During the period that the clock is sealed for N.F.C. races, the Secretary or his deputy shall have the right to inspect same at any time at the competitor’s loft.

4. The competitor must complete his verification card with all details of the bird(s) timed in and this must be handed to the Official i/c the Clock Station, at which his clock was set, at the time the clock is opened. No clock will be opened unless the competitor produces the correctly filled in verification card. Penalty for non-compliance will be disqualification.

5. All clocks must be checked in accordance with R.P.R.A. rules, clocks which do not show the day of timing in must be controlled if not checked on the day of timing, the day and time of clock checking will be determined by the officer I/c of the clock station.

6. Neither the Committee nor any officer of the Club shall be held liable to any clock owner for any damage or loss that may occur whilst the clock is in their or his/her custody; or in the custody of another competitor or in transit; but every holder of a clock shall be responsible for the clock issued.

7. Two or more competitors may use the same clock only under the provisions set out in R.P.R.A. Rules. Separate clock envelopes must be made out by the Clock Setter.

8. Members’ clocks must be set by N.F.C. Clock Officials in accordance with the clock makers instructions.

9. All clocks used in the N.F.C. races must have previously been tested according to R.P.R.A. Rules and delivered to the N.F.C. clock station sealed with Association seals as per R.P.R.A. Rules. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. The Clock Setting fee is £1 per clock which must be paid at the time of the setting. In the event of a member having his clock opened and checked with an arrival and then re-set for further arrivals, a further fee of £1 is payable.

10. If a member intends to use a clock in a National race, which has not been tested and approved by another club he should contact the N.F.C. official i/c of the clock station he intends to use and make arrangements for the clock to be tested, at least one month prior to the race in which it is intended to use that clock. Clocks that do not have a  “Clock Testing Certificate” will be refused.

11. Any clock station not complying with instructions issued by the Secretary will be withdrawn from the list of clock stations.

12. All clocks must be set no more than three days prior to the advertised liberation date. Should a clock stop, either through an accident or having run down, before a bird’s arrival, the member must first notify the Secretary and Clock Station Officer in charge, of his/her intention to time in on the nearest available clock and observe R.P.R.A. clock Rules, or have the clock re-set if convenient to the officials. Should any clock stop prior to, or after liberation of birds and have a re-set, the clock station officials initially setting the clock, must record all additional information and include the words “reset”. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

13. In the event of an extended hold over all wind up clocks must be reset after 5 days. Arrangements to be made with i/c clock stations. Quartz clocks and E.T.S. need not be reset.

14. Competing members in charge of clock stations shall not at any time after submitting their clocks for checking have possession of their own clock envelope. These shall be posted by another member.

15. Applications for new Clock Stations must contain a reasonable assurance of at least an average of six members’ clocks per race. Failure to maintain that average may mean closure of the Station.

16. All master timers used by Clock Stations should be the type that prints a clear indication of the second that the clock is struck off.

17. Committee Members are authorized to carry out spot checks at Clock Stations.

18. Members requiring clocks to be set must arrive at their preferred clock station no later than 21.30.

If any of these rules are broken, it may lead to disqualification.

Race Results History


Due to Racing Rule 33: - "Provisional results of any race, based on times reported by members either by telephone or online, shall not be made available in any format until it is felt probable that all competing sections have been won, taking into account any potential velocity achieveable by the furthest flying competing member in each section." This new rule proposed by Mr. P. O'Leary, Waterlooville, voted on by the general membership and past, means the provisional results will not be displayed until the criteria within the rule has been met.  

These videos to see how to display and filter race history results.

Click to View Basic Filtering

Click to View Advanced Filtering

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