2015 Fougeres Race Advisors Report

Written by Sam Barkel & Com on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 11:28.

Read the 2015 Fougeres National race advisors report: -



Fougeres 2015 Section Toppers

Written by D Callan & Son on Sunday, 24 May 2015 10:27.



Below are the provisional section toppers from Fougeres. Well done to all of you.


Section                  Fancier

1A                            S &L Harris       

1B                            Darling & Ede                                               

1C                            W Woods

1D                           A.J.Weymouth

1E                           M Gilbert

1F                           F Lloyd & E Kelly

1G                           Howse and Parsons

1H                           A Smith

1I                            G & J Jones & Adams

1J                           Mr & Mrs G W Kirkland

1K                          Pearson & Dransfield

1L                          Gavin & Glynn Buckley


Provisional Result Fougeres 2015

Written by D Callan & Son on Sunday, 24 May 2015 09:36.

The first race of the 2015 calendar saw 8,579 birds liberated at 11.15 in a light NE wind that was veering NNE during teh early stages of the race, and becoming SE from the Midlands northwards. The birds seemed to make light work of teh conditions and as can be seen from the result the top end men in Sections K and L dominated with some exceptional performances. Well done to the race team on a great start to the season. A full report will follow next week.


Fougeres Provisional Top 10


Open     Section    Fancier                             Velocity

1            1k                Pearson and Dransfield                     1330ypm

2            1B                Darling and Ede                                1313ypm

3            2K                D Thompson                                     1300ypm

4            1F                 Lloyd and Kelly                                1298ypm

5            3K                R McKie                                           1290ypm

6            1L                G and G Buckley                               1289ypm

7            2L                D Mc Cartney                                  1284ypm

8            3L                B P Lee                                            1280ypm

9            1J                Mr and Mrs Kirkland                       1279ypm

10          4k                N Lidster                                        1268ypm


2015 Fougeres Numbers Away

Written by Sam Barkel & Com on Friday, 22 May 2015 21:24.

Click onto the files below to see the summary of birds away prior to marking checks etc.: -





Lloyd and Kelly loft report

Written by D Callan & Son on Friday, 24 April 2015 21:01.

This article looks at how Eamon Kelly has emerged from behind the shadow of his mentor to continue the lofts winning ways. Click here

Race Results History


Due to Racing Rule 33: - "Provisional results of any race, based on times reported by members either by telephone or online, shall not be made available in any format until it is felt probable that all competing sections have been won, taking into account any potential velocity achieveable by the furthest flying competing member in each section." This new rule proposed by Mr. P. O'Leary, Waterlooville, voted on by the general membership and past, means the provisional results will not be displayed until the criteria within the rule has been met.  

These videos to see how to display and filter race history results.

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