We Host

The UK's Grand National
Premier Pigeon Races!

Our Prizes Include

Fantastic Pay outs of up to £30,000 per race
for the new 2018 season!

Our Gold Ring Scheme

Pays out in excess of £5,000

Events & News

Frome Marking Station

  - the Frome Marking Station has been closed. A new marking station has been opened in replacement at, "North Pertherton  Rugby Club, Nr. Bridgwater, TA6 6NW. This new station has excellent facilities. The new I/c will be Mr. Paul Naum, Chairman. Any queries, please contact Paul.

AGM Brief Note

Click onto the file BRIEF NOTE 1 for a quick and short summary of the outcomes from the recent club AGM held on the 27th January, 2018. This includes the results of the voting on the propositions for this year. A more comprehensive report will appear in the near future.


Members are hereby notified that due to a problem at the printers over the Christmas period into January, the printers couldn’t get the, “Year End Pack”, printed fully and out in time for the meeting. The President has instructed the meeting to be postponed by two weeks as advertised to allow the delivery of the year end pack to occur in time for the AGM which will now be held on Saturday 27th January. We apologise but these circumstances were out of your officials control.

Welcome to the new 2018 National Flying Club web site.

As part of our migration to the new site we have transferred your login details to the new site so you can continue to login using your NFC code. However, for security reasons it was not possible to transfer your passwords to the new site. Your passwords have therefore been reset so, when logging onto the site for the first time using the login link, please request a password reset where you can reset your password to something only you know.