We Host

The UK's Grand National
Premier Pigeon Races!

Our Prizes Include

Fantastic Pay outs of up to £30,000 per race
for the new 2018 season!

Our Gold Ring Scheme

Pays out in excess of £5,000

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  Lib Dets Race Pos Sect Pos Member Town Distance Velocity Wing Time # Birds Clock Station Marking Station Ring No Section NFC Code
 Lib Dets11LCrehan & O'ConnorSalford424m 1,571y1,662.66437h 29m 46s1BoltonCongletonNL15.1849590LC675L
 Lib Dets21IR M TaylorWarley355m 384y1,662.64976h 16m 1s14Ocker HillAlveleyGB16N08791IT221I
 Lib Dets31JAdams Bros.,Stoke On Trent391m 1,073y1,662.53846h 54m 34s10CongletonCongletonGB16Z60080JA228J
 Lib Dets42LJones & ThomasWirral421m 1,304y1,659.24677h 27m 21s3PrentonCongletonGb14z32056LJ170L
 Lib Dets51GR & J WhitesideBristol291m 1,003y1,657.50325h 9m 36s27wraxallBridgwaterGB17N93998GW570G
 Lib Dets63LMr & Mrs F B Jennings & SonChorley439m 1,295y1,652.11877h 48m 27s8ChorleyCongletonGB16N06115LJ278L
 Lib Dets72JJ A HamplettStafford378m 530y1,651.99746h 43m 2s36staffordCongletonGB16Z37144JH071J
 Lib Dets84LE TaylorCrewe408m 1,149y1,649.35567h 16m 4s6Congleton CongletonGB15A21021LT065L
 Lib Dets91ER J LoweReading284m 648y1,647.78755h 3m 44s32CavershamSteventonGB16N19653EL036E
 Lib Dets103JDariusz MrukCannock371m 143y1,645.30296h 36m 57s10StaffsCongletonGB17C44947JM619J
 Lib Dets111KMr & Mrs W FoulstoneWoodsetts413m 656y1,644.27307h 22m 28s25WhitwellSheffieldGB16Z56110KF269K
 Lib Dets122GColin WalkerBristol293m 749y1,637.55105h 15m 22s3AvonBridgwaterGB17N70149GW758G
 Lib Dets135LA G ClementsManchester424m 870y1,635.35087h 36m 51s18cheadleCongletonGB16N90060LC430L
 Lib Dets146LMr & Mrs F B Jennings & SonChorley439m 1,295y1,632.48737h 54m 5s8ChorleyCongletonGB15Z45309LJ278L
 Lib Dets157LR & B SmithWarrington424m 1,237y1,630.79967h 38m 21s12St HelensCongletonGB17N57432LS033L
 Lib Dets162ER J LoweReading284m 648y1,630.07715h 7m 2s32CavershamSteventonGB15N15978EL036E
 Lib Dets178LR & B SmithWarrington424m 1,237y1,629.31857h 38m 46s12St HelensCongletonGB14N61922LS033L
 Lib Dets183ER J LoweReading284m 648y1,629.10435h 7m 13s32CavershamSteventonGB14N19685EL036E
 Lib Dets199LSanderson & RamsheadBurnley448m 27y1,628.24968h 4m 16s10BacupCongletonGB16Z77297LS734L
 Lib Dets2010LPaul HartHeywood433m 585y1,625.22737h 49m 16s20BACUPCongletonNWHU16X3837LH001L
 Lib Dets2111LA G ClementsManchester424m 870y1,624.91757h 39m 47s18cheadleCongletonGB16N90074LC430L
 Lib Dets221FS HughesSwindon292m 1,658y1,624.46465h 17m 23s10watchfieldSteventonGB15N35892FH725F
 Lib Dets232FB Sherman & S WellsOxford301m 801y1,624.16635h 26m 40s15steventonSteventonGB17N019710FS352F
 Lib Dets2412LA G ClementsManchester424m 870y1,621.97787h 40m 37s18cheadleCongletonGB16N90001LC430L
 Lib Dets254JJ & B.OakleyWhitchurch394m 1,170y1,621.97317h 8m 15s7WhitchurchAlveleyGB17L00344JO105J
 Lib Dets265JJ & B.OakleyWhitchurch394m 1,170y1,621.91007h 8m 16s7WhitchurchAlveleyGb17x26142JO105J
 Lib Dets2713LPaul HartHeywood433m 585y1,621.65647h 50m 18s20BACUPCongletonNWHU16X3772LH001L
 Lib Dets2814LA G ClementsManchester424m 870y1,621.33257h 40m 48s18cheadleCongletonGB16N90010LC430L
 Lib Dets294EMr & Mrs P J WellsDunstable313m 1,138y1,620.72235h 40m 36s15LutonSteventonGB16N01277EW006E
 Lib Dets305EMr & Mrs P J WellsDunstable313m 1,138y1,620.64305h 40m 37s15LutonSteventonGB17N00846EW006E
 Lib Dets311AMr & Mrs Brian WallHavant241m 876y1,617.95204h 22m 42s15EmsworthSouthamptongb16n63516AW719A
 Lib Dets321BW EdwardsGosport238m 1,233y1,617.68584h 19m 42s20GosportSouthamptonGB17N33856BE090B
 Lib Dets332BW EdwardsGosport238m 1,233y1,617.58204h 19m 43s20GosportSouthamptonGB17N33876BE090B
 Lib Dets343FMr & Mrs.M & C.BrownHungerford283m 1,359y1,615.61035h 9m 8s2HungerfordSteventonGB16A22944FB885F
 Lib Dets356JJ HughesMarket Drayton387m 520y1,615.45217h 1m 57s3AudlemAlveleyGB15A33656JH268J
 Lib Dets364FMr & Mrs P Kenny & FamilyWantage292m 1,583y1,614.90005h 19m 13s11Didcot and wantageSteventonGB15N90844FK006F
 Lib Dets373BMr J AttrillSalisbury258m 1,409y1,614.25524h 42m 10s14Salisbury SouthamptonGB15N99808BA152B
 Lib Dets386ER J LoweReading284m 648y1,613.87005h 10m 7s32CavershamSteventonGB16N19742EL036E
 Lib Dets397JR Stokes & SonCleobury Mortimer353m 1,534y1,613.29886h 26m 3s10Ceobury MortimerAlveleyGB14Z64300JS377J
 Lib Dets402IM Yates & SonTamworth364m 1,108y1,613.04016h 37m 51s30TamworthAlveleyGB15Z83690IY005I
 Lib Dets415FB Sherman & S WellsOxford301m 801y1,612.72915h 28m 59s15steventonSteventonGB16N05441FS352F
 Lib Dets423GS Luff & Walker Bros.Dursley305m 673y1,612.66095h 33m 17s15GloucesterBridgwaterGB15N43548GL792G
 Lib Dets432AS & L HarrisHavant242m 438y1,612.44754h 24m 25s10PremierSouthamptonGB15N98576AH781A
 Lib Dets443IM Yates & SonTamworth364m 1,108y1,612.43226h 38m 0s30TamworthAlveleyGB15B36926IY005I
 Lib Dets458JM WilliamsHereford329m 718y1,612.23035h 59m 36s14NewentAlveleyGB17N086755JW470J
 Lib Dets464BMr & Mrs D WaterhousePortsmouth241m 84y1,612.07354h 23m 10s20pararde SouthamptonGB16N32117BW711B
 Lib Dets479JG & C MachinTelford372m 32y1,611.63116h 46m 16s6TelfordAlveleyGB14Z40014JM049J
 Lib Dets485BDarling & EdeSouthampton242m 1,739y1,610.86954h 25m 29s30SholingSouthamptonGB17N72393BD357B
 Lib Dets4910JPreece BrosKidderminster351m 891y1,609.04506h 24m 29s5Cleobury MortimerAlveleyGB17N042383JP306J
 Lib Dets507EM GilbertWinkfield283m 345y1,606.69965h 10m 13s40windsorSteventongb16n02298EG019E
 Lib Dets516BMr P AylingGosport238m 867y1,606.68714h 21m 15s9Gosport SouthamptonGB17N32007BA156B
 Lib Dets5215LPaul HartHeywood433m 585y1,606.56887h 54m 43s20BACUPCongletonGB17A11525LH001L
 Lib Dets537BE MellisSouthsea237m 767y1,606.53684h 20m 7s4MiltonSouthamptonGB17N60476BM266B
 Lib Dets5416LMr & Mrs B Fisher & SonTodmorden441m 1,262y1,606.40988h 3m 57s10TodmordenCongletonGB16N38481LF161L
 Lib Dets551HC Crick & SonStotfold323m 1,751y1,605.45545h 55m 11s15BaldockRoystonGB16N13455HC499H
 Lib Dets568EBritton & HamesReading284m 1,028y1,605.34625h 12m 0s4CavershamSteventonGB16N15153EH866E
 Lib Dets5717LB P LeeCongleton403m 1,048y1,605.32157h 22m 29s6ongletonCongletonGB15N77985LL276L
 Lib Dets5811JNicholas AtkinMadeley368m 1,683y1,604.55406h 44m 42s5telfordAlveleyGB15N44646JA229J
 Lib Dets5912JJoe BakerHereford334m 1,323y1,603.52826h 7m 25s12HerefordAlveleyGB15H13342JB915J
 Lib Dets608BMr & Mrs M S GowerNr Fordingbridge249m 1,250y1,603.39294h 34m 6s12SalisburySouthamptonGB17N22208BG271B
 Lib Dets6113JR Stokes & SonCleobury Mortimer353m 1,534y1,603.12486h 28m 30s10Ceobury MortimerAlveleyGB15Z65820JS377J
 Lib Dets629EMr & Mrs J FroudeReading283m 1,265y1,602.09085h 11m 41s13CavershamSteventonGB15N80583EF016E
 Lib Dets6318LS HorrocksHeywood433m 358y1,602.04107h 55m 55s14BacupCongletonGB13A00603LH218L
 Lib Dets6414JMr & Mrs G W KirklandStoke-on-Trent397m 434y1,601.91097h 16m 27s28L.I.F.C.CongletonGB13N76590JK043J
 Lib Dets659BK & J ZerafaPortsmouth237m 1,303y1,600.59804h 21m 25s34Milton HSSouthamptonDV493916062ABZ006B
 Lib Dets6610EG InkleyUxbridge290m 1,625y1,599.74485h 20m 4s20HayesSteventonGB17N69427EI022E
 Lib Dets6710BW EdwardsGosport238m 1,233y1,599.41504h 22m 40s20GosportSouthamptonGB16N47668BE090B
 Lib Dets684ICliff SandersAtherstone360m 950y1,599.03406h 36m 50s10TamworthAlveleyGB15N12728IS619I
 Lib Dets6915JR Stokes & SonCleobury Mortimer353m 1,534y1,598.80376h 29m 33s10Ceobury MortimerAlveleyGB14Z64268JS377J
 Lib Dets7011BM JohnsonSouthsea237m 761y1,598.62664h 21m 24s1Milton Homing SocietySouthamptonGB16X24884BJ006B
 Lib Dets715IG DugganChipping Campden325m 1,144y1,598.57945h 58m 32s30BanburySteventonGB17N78892ID327I
 Lib Dets7211EM GilbertWinkfield283m 345y1,598.19905h 11m 52s40windsorSteventongb16n02116EG019E
 Lib Dets7312BJason RossPortsmouth240m 1,283y1,597.69844h 25m 11s14Parade IFCSouthamptonGB17N24517BR352B
 Lib Dets7416JR Stokes & SonCleobury Mortimer353m 1,534y1,597.57346h 29m 51s10Ceobury MortimerAlveleyGB16Z63094JS377J
 Lib Dets7519LS HorrocksHeywood433m 358y1,597.45367h 57m 17s14BacupCongletonGB15S50288LH218L
 Lib Dets7613BMr P AylingGosport238m 867y1,596.40094h 22m 56s9Gosport SouthamptonGB14N62321BA156B
 Lib Dets7717JM & C LeeAlfrick336m 1,303y1,596.39876h 11m 15s4MalvernAlveleyGB16Z60297JL098J
 Lib Dets786FD. S. & R. WigginsOxford301m 725y1,596.16375h 32m 21s15OxfordSteventonGB16N45361FW379F
 Lib Dets797FB Sherman & S WellsOxford301m 801y1,595.51225h 32m 32s15steventonSteventonGB14F21498FS352F
 Lib Dets8014BK & J ZerafaPortsmouth237m 1,303y1,594.19484h 22m 28s34Milton HSSouthamptonNWHU1750548BZ006B
 Lib Dets813AMr & Mrs Brian WallHavant241m 876y1,593.48664h 26m 44s15EmsworthSouthamptonGB17N34515AW719A
 Lib Dets8218JM WilliamsHereford329m 718y1,593.03356h 3m 56s14NewentAlveleyGB16N91830JW470J
 Lib Dets8320LB P LeeCongleton403m 1,048y1,592.00937h 26m 11s6ongletonCongletonGB15N77992LL276L
 Lib Dets842KK.Heeley,D.Allen & M.LambertChesterfield407m 892y1,591.44677h 30m 40s15chesterfieldSheffieldGB17N41544KH858K
 Lib Dets8512ES & P KulpaReading281m 1,745y1,588.76915h 12m 23s25cavershamSteventonGB15N34825EK029E
 Lib Dets8613EM GilbertWinkfield283m 345y1,588.69005h 13m 44s40windsorSteventongb17n01545EG019E
 Lib Dets8721LGavin & Glynn BuckleyRochdale433m 1,263y1,588.36768h 0m 35s7RochdaleCongletonGB16S46225LB905L
 Lib Dets882HR & P MontilaSandy333m 103y1,585.92156h 9m 37s18BaldockRoystonGB14N95842HM349H
 Lib Dets8922LJ Berry & SonBlackburn443m 697y1,585.86358h 12m 5s3bacupCongletonGB16B47748LB939L
 Lib Dets908FCosmin TalasOxford308m 342y1,585.72015h 42m 4s9Steventon SteventonGB13N18475FT292F
 Lib Dets9115BWearn Bros 1 & NeilsonRamsdean251m 211y1,585.64104h 38m 44s100PARADE FCSouthamptonGB17N32405BW395B
 Lib Dets9214EM GilbertWinkfield283m 345y1,584.90125h 14m 29s40windsorSteventongb17n01547EG019E
 Lib Dets9323LS HorrocksHeywood433m 358y1,584.67098h 1m 8s14BacupCongletonGB17S34600LH218L
 Lib Dets944GB FerrisBristol288m 760y1,582.41905h 20m 48s7BridgwaterBridgwaterGB17N70642GF279G
 Lib Dets9515EM GilbertWinkfield283m 345y1,581.79945h 15m 6s40windsorSteventongb17n01527EG019E
 Lib Dets963KG.Oliver & SonLeeds450m 875y1,581.69038h 21m 17s8Keithley SheffieldGB15N67679KO104K
 Lib Dets9724LG BowyerCongleton402m 1,470y1,581.50797h 28m 18s5CongletonCongletonGB16N84402LB156L
 Lib Dets9819JB Harris & SonKidderminster351m 157y1,580.68736h 30m 55s3KidderminsterAlveleyGB17N09369JH642J
 Lib Dets9920JI J BarnbrookBridgnorth356m 122y1,580.26906h 36m 34s4AlveleyAlveleyGB17C36385JB888J
 Lib Dets10025LG Holker & SonsManchester428m 1,258y1,579.08207h 57m 50s9BacupCongletonNWHU15X7593LH794L
 Lib Dets10116EW E HugginsReading284m 822y1,577.63355h 17m 21s6CavershamSteventonGB16C18933EH374E
 Lib Dets1026IMr & Mrs J WrightLutterworth354m 538y1,577.28096h 35m 21s6Little HarrowdenSteventonGB15Z27969IW556I
 Lib Dets10316BMr & Mrs MoodyPortsmouth241m 287y1,576.89294h 29m 10s40paradeSouthamptonGB16N34541BM064B
 Lib Dets1044AMr M J SkidmoreHavant241m 754y1,576.28544h 29m 34s11Leigh ParkSouthamptonGB12A17258AS693A
 Lib Dets1051WD JonesWrexham401m 1,088y1,575.90967h 28m 32s11Llay H.SCongletonGB13Z04859WJ026W
 Lib Dets1061PD Coward-TalbotChelmsford308m 1,440y1,574.96385h 45m 6s40LaindonRoystonGB17N92403PC723P
 Lib Dets10717BBakes & BlakeHavant241m 404y1,574.11114h 29m 43s21premierSouthamptonGB17N22907BB895B
 Lib Dets10826LJ R SuttonCongleton403m 204y1,573.48417h 30m 54s12CongletonCongletonGB15B42465LS327L
 Lib Dets1099FD. S. & R. WigginsOxford301m 725y1,572.81715h 37m 17s15OxfordSteventonGB15N39978FW379F
 Lib Dets11010FD. S. & R. WigginsOxford301m 725y1,572.50635h 37m 21s15OxfordSteventonGB16N45413FW379F
 Lib Dets11121JH P HamplettStafford379m 201y1,572.32197h 4m 22s5StaffordCongletonGB16Z38012JH523J
 Lib Dets1122PMark BulledHarlow308m 1,359y1,572.22335h 45m 39s35EppingRoystonGB15R29524PB930P
 Lib Dets11322JBooth & RoperTewkesbury324m 442y1,571.62166h 3m 7s10Malvern AlveleyGB16S18986JB408J
 Lib Dets11418BK & S.Legg & SonsPortsmouth240m 1,553y1,570.19634h 30m 0s12ParadeSouthamptonGB15N96512BL364B
 Lib Dets11517EDaniel IordacheSlough288m 886y1,570.16755h 23m 23s6WindsorAshGB14S56926EJ262E
 Lib Dets11623JBernard P PollardBewdley350m 422y1,569.36906h 32m 47s5AlveleyAlveleyGB16N63238JP114J
 Lib Dets11724JM WilliamsHereford329m 718y1,569.24626h 9m 27s14NewentAlveleyGB16N91806JW470J
 Lib Dets11827LS HorrocksHeywood433m 358y1,568.91018h 5m 58s14BacupCongletonGB15Z11714LH218L
 Lib Dets11918EMr & Mrs K HineHayes290m 1,107y1,568.15805h 26m 11s30LambertSteventonGB17N31152EH274E
 Lib Dets12028LK Morris & SonCongleton403m 1,457y1,567.97517h 33m 17s6CongletonCongletonGB16N07690LM029L
 Lib Dets12119EMr & Mrs D J NoakesReading282m 783y1,567.40665h 17m 9s8CavershamSteventonGB17N60307EN142E
 Lib Dets12225JMr & Mrs G W KirklandStoke-on-Trent397m 434y1,567.19997h 26m 7s28L.I.F.C.CongletonGB14Z78159JK043J
 Lib Dets12326JE & C PittLudlow353m 137y1,567.12426h 36m 32s10AlveleyAlveleyGB15N47367JP478J
 Lib Dets1247IWalton & SumnalSolihull346m 522y1,566.59046h 29m 3s6Portway H.SAlveleyGB16N88118IW755I
 Lib Dets12527JDean Hill & SonWolverhampton360m 1,557y1,565.77596h 45m 39s5DudleyAlveleyGB15N82185JH810J
 Lib Dets12620EMr J CrossLondon279m 834y1,565.56365h 14m 11s8BromleyAshGB16N82222EC735E
 Lib Dets12711FJ & P ParkerReading279m 1,697y1,565.40405h 14m 46s30AndoverSouthamptonGB17N26920FP395F
 Lib Dets1284KC GordonPontefract437m 780y1,564.14868h 12m 13s11hopetownSheffieldGB15N66409KG064K
 Lib Dets12928JP BrantBridgnorth357m 379y1,563.53896h 42m 6s5AlveleyAlveleyGB15N92707JB346J
 Lib Dets13019BD & T Hughes,Portsmouth241m 60y1,562.79244h 31m 27s5PetersfieldSouthamptonGB16N95890BH631B
 Lib Dets1315KJ FinlayLeeds444m 996y1,562.78838h 20m 40s8brddfordSheffieldGB14P39296KF266K
 Lib Dets13220BD J SpencerFareham241m 963y1,562.28214h 32m 7s6Meon ValleySouthamptonGB16P29889BS371B
 Lib Dets13329LJ HolgateClitheroe454m 509y1,561.00948h 32m 12s8BarnoldswickCongletonGB15N64731LH818L
 Lib Dets1348IMr & Mrs R Stretton & DtrRugeley371m 294y1,560.13376h 58m 43s12staffordAlveleyGB16N04993IS577I
 Lib Dets13521BNick WilsonPortsmouth239m 1,598y1,559.60854h 30m 44s12PARADE IFCSouthamptonGB17N12470BW722B
 Lib Dets1366KBarry ReidBrighouse438m 965y1,559.44038h 14m 57s23HuddersfieldSheffieldGB16N35838KR358K
 Lib Dets13712FCosmin TalasOxford308m 342y1,559.28135h 47m 52s9Steventon SteventonGB15N09197FT292F
 Lib Dets1387KDavid BowlerHalifax442m 806y1,559.27118h 19m 25s2TodmordenCongletonGB16X21409KB926K
 Lib Dets13913FMr.S.ThorpeSwindon292m 1,063y1,557.40835h 30m 40s6WatchfieldSteventonGB14N90860FT296F
 Lib Dets14029JMr & Mrs W LewisWorcester333m 250y1,557.38636h 16m 29s9MalvernAlveleyGB15N89034JL030J
 Lib Dets1415AJ May & SonHambrook241m 967y1,556.48164h 33m 8s35PREMIER 100 CLUBSouthamptonGB16N15668AM645A
 Lib Dets1423HD OwensNewport Pagnell327m 5y1,555.82346h 9m 55s8Leighton buzzardSteventonGB17B03183HO047H
 Lib Dets1434HC Crick & SonStotfold323m 1,751y1,554.25706h 6m 53s15BaldockRoystonGB17Z078959HC499H
 Lib Dets14414FN B FinchWantage292m 669y1,553.94535h 31m 9s10E.T.SSteventonGB16N59554FF195F
 Lib Dets14530LMellor BrothersCrewe400m 1,495y1,550.08427h 35m 8s8CreweCongletonGB16N64563LM124L
 Lib Dets1465GChris TemplarBristol287m 169y1,549.01595h 26m 12s18BridgwaterBridgwaterGB16S64046GT292G
 Lib Dets14721EG & M BicknellReading284m 399y1,548.16845h 23m 7s4CavershamSteventonGB14N51502EB271E
 Lib Dets1485HC Crick & SonStotfold323m 1,751y1,548.13856h 8m 20s15BaldockRoystonGB16N13454HC499H
 Lib Dets14930JBryan PearsonDroitwich344m 368y1,547.59996h 31m 27s6AlveleyAlveleyGB17N07918JP482J
 Lib Dets15022BDarling & EdeSouthampton242m 1,739y1,547.24674h 36m 24s30SholingSouthamptonGB14R36701BD357B
 Lib Dets15131LCampbell Bros.& SonLiverpool429m 1,700y1,546.57678h 9m 18s22LiverpoolCongletonGB16E35753LC839L
 Lib Dets15222EMr & Mrs M Dickinson & SonsHemel Hempstead304m 648y1,546.51785h 46m 23s30Hemel HempsteadSteventonGB17N04915ED368E
 Lib Dets1536HTerry RoughtonWisbech370m 1,589y1,546.28277h 2m 10s12WisbechRoystonGB13X13507HR219H
 Lib Dets1546GC & J HowseDevizes275m 1,535y1,545.87955h 14m 5s7ChippenhamSteventonGB14J08057GH410G
 Lib Dets15532LMills, Rice, Abbott & DuffySt. Helens425m 743y1,545.49958h 4m 28s8St.HelensCongletonGB16Z67708LR186L
 Lib Dets15631JCooper BrosKidderminster350m 717y1,545.46306h 39m 3s5Kidderminster F.CAlveleyGB13F04915JC439J
 Lib Dets15733LD McCartneyCarnforth471m 526y1,545.14628h 56m 50s9CarnforthCongletonGB14L29714LM238L
 Lib Dets15823EK R CrippsWindsor284m 1,707y1,544.64745h 24m 42s5windsorAshGB15P07484EC718E
 Lib Dets15932JA JonesStourbridge355m 676y1,544.63946h 44m 56s5AlveleyAlveleyGB16Z39181JJ194J
 Lib Dets16033JM WilliamsHereford329m 718y1,544.30546h 15m 25s14NewentAlveleyGB17X17271JW470J
 Lib Dets1617GJanet WilcoxBath276m 1,643y1,543.88035h 15m 42s15High LittletonBridgwaterGB15N28242GW546G
 Lib Dets1628KR & N DennettMeden Vale405m 365y1,543.64727h 42m 0s13WhitwellSheffieldGB15Z25736KD372K
 Lib Dets1636AD & K JonesHavant242m 218y1,543.51224h 36m 5s14prem 100SouthamptonGB17N25216AJ057A
 Lib Dets1647AL SevereChichester240m 917y1,542.13844h 34m 30s18ChichesterSouthamptonGB16N66271AS410A
 Lib Dets16524ERobert QuinnAldershot268m 1,626y1,541.46235h 7m 3s10West FarnboroughAshGB16X24881EQ001E
 Lib Dets16634JMr & Mrs Gwyn LloydHereford335m 145y1,541.14556h 22m 40s10Hereford & District FCAlveleyGB13H19032JL249J
 Lib Dets16734LF & M HoughMacclesfield412m 890y1,540.71387h 51m 13s3CongletonCongletonGB15A20761LH412L
 Lib Dets1689KL & A StuckeyNormanton438m 1,058y1,540.17968h 21m 12s4HopetownSheffieldGB14H20776KS465K
 Lib Dets16915FMr & Mrs A J CookeWantage293m 1,322y1,539.68935h 35m 47s4SteventonSteventonGB16N41040FC030F
 Lib Dets1709IR.J.Perrott & SonHollywood348m 1,504y1,539.19286h 38m 54s5Portway H.S.Alveleygb13Z89544IP478I
 Lib Dets17123BMr & Mrs BunneyPortsmouth240m 1,526y1,538.28614h 35m 35s11PetersfieldSouthamptonGB17N92125BB335B
 Lib Dets17235JG CliftTirley320m 1,712y1,538.08236h 7m 17s9BridgwaterBridgwaterGB16C46862JC172J
 Lib Dets17325EG T SnellingAldershot268m 757y1,537.88095h 7m 12s6WEST FARNBOROUGHAshGB15N36223ES224E
 Lib Dets1748GS & V MilesBath278m 1,729y1,537.28555h 19m 24s4CarlingcottBridgwaterGB16C40356GM382G
 Lib Dets17510KR & N DennettMeden Vale405m 365y1,536.99357h 44m 0s13WhitwellSheffieldGB16N75675KD372K
 Lib Dets17636JE & C PittLudlow353m 137y1,536.89286h 44m 20s10AlveleyAlveleyGB15N97630JP478J
 Lib Dets1779GMr & Mrs A.N. & J.E. StonePortishead292m 1,459y1,536.76275h 35m 22s11WraxallBridgwaterGB17R29913GS709G
 Lib Dets17811KMr & Mrs W FoulstoneWoodsetts413m 656y1,535.64207h 53m 46s25WhitwellSheffieldGB17N24067KF269K
 Lib Dets17935LCampbell Bros.& SonLiverpool429m 1,700y1,534.34718h 13m 12s22LiverpoolCongletonGB17Z070730LC839L
 Lib Dets18026EMr & Mrs R MorrisGreat Missenden299m 683y1,533.98255h 43m 30s3Great MissendenSteventonGB12N45629EM214E
 Lib Dets18116FL HallOxford304m 622y1,533.31045h 49m 21s5OxfordSteventonGB15N06413FM034F
 Lib Dets18212KC & E LeeMansfield404m 1,524y1,533.16507h 44m 46s7WhitwellSheffieldGB15S55784KL407K
 Lib Dets18310IPeter SlackStoke-on-Trent390m 206y1,531.29247h 28m 23s3CheadleCongletonGB16N20082IS020I
 Lib Dets18437JP PrinoldStafford378m 872y1,531.09067h 15m 5s7StaffordCongletonGB16N79708JP175J
 Lib Dets18527ER V BallNorthchurch305m 1,381y1,530.59015h 51m 37s5Leighton BuzzardSteventonGB17N67587EB307E
 Lib Dets18636LJ G RiggNr. Congleton402m 907y1,529.91477h 43m 3s6CongletonCongletonGB15X14999LR190L
 Lib Dets1873PM.Sontag & SonHarlow309m 609y1,529.85255h 55m 53s10Lindsey steetRoystonGB15E46186PS755P
 Lib Dets18828EMr & Mrs V J Durrant & SonsGodalming264m 1,057y1,529.80135h 4m 25s6GodalmingAshGB14J07147ED159E
 Lib Dets18910GB J MillardBristol280m 519y1,529.67135h 22m 30s12Farrington GurneyBridgwaterGB15F03220GM115G
 Lib Dets19029ED Taylor & SonSutton281m 302y1,528.84615h 23m 41s10Bromley AshNWHU2015S4468ET124E
 Lib Dets19113KP Curtis & SonYork451m 25y1,528.56738h 39m 18s10YorkSheffieldGB16N00939KC261K
 Lib Dets19211GA & D Collins & M GeorgeBristol287m 1,754y1,528.41695h 31m 38s2bridgewaterBridgwaterGB16R19994GC576G
 Lib Dets19311IE W FroggattRugeley379m 599y1,527.89467h 16m 58s10StaffordCongletonGB14N25533IF001I
 Lib Dets19414KD.HuberyRotherham425m 579y1,527.66038h 10m 1s4GoldthorpeSheffieldGB16E26115KH877K
 Lib Dets19537LLee Davison & SonLiverpool426m 1,262y1,526.82958h 11m 53s18CongeltonCongletonGB17Z029920LD320L
 Lib Dets19615KMr & Mrs W FoulstoneWoodsetts413m 656y1,526.77987h 56m 31s25WhitwellSheffieldGB16N27324KF269K
 Lib Dets19738LBateman Bros & SonBirkenhead423m 552y1,526.39218h 8m 6s7Congleton CongletonGB15N07144LB881L
 Lib Dets19838JPete BarlowCoombe Hill319m 1,149y1,526.28596h 8m 36s3CKFCBridgwaterGB13N36460JB557J
 Lib Dets1997HA SmithWellingborough344m 843y1,525.56016h 37m 25s25Little HarrowdenSteventonGB16H35013HS648H
 Lib Dets2002WG Treharne & SonNantyglo318m 595y1,525.52646h 7m 16s15CwmtilleryGB16A32918WT303W
 Lib Dets2018HPatmore & RaynerSaffron Walden324m 1,115y1,525.03676h 14m 39s20StanstedRoystonGB16N18039HP457H
 Lib Dets20224BMr & Mrs BunneyPortsmouth240m 1,526y1,522.81394h 38m 23s11PetersfieldSouthamptonGB17N92166BB335B
 Lib Dets20325BMr & Mrs BunneyPortsmouth240m 1,526y1,522.72274h 38m 24s11PetersfieldSouthamptonGB17N92121BB335B
 Lib Dets2048AB & J GumbrillHorsham255m 908y1,522.71334h 55m 20s6HorshamAshGB15N41196AG160A
 Lib Dets20530EK WiseIsleworth285m 1,467y1,521.14205h 30m 43s12Isleworth AshGB17N000388EW095E
 Lib Dets20626BMr J AttrillSalisbury258m 1,409y1,519.81654h 59m 42s14Salisbury SouthamptonGB17N77818BA152B
 Lib Dets20727BColin EdwardsRomsey251m 1,135y1,519.27854h 51m 31s8RomseySouthamptonGB17R12732BE141B
 Lib Dets20828BR ThomasPortsmouth241m 87y1,518.24054h 39m 26s10100 ClubSouthamptonGB16P14158BT293B
 Lib Dets20929BB.Johns & Son Loft 2.Portsmouth240m 1,270y1,517.71454h 39m 9s15IFC ParadeSouthamptonGB15P43203BJ208B
 Lib Dets21030BMr & Mrs C LeverRomsey251m 622y1,517.43204h 51m 32s10RomseySouthamptonGB16R08147BL128B
 Lib Dets2119ASimon FergusonBrighton245m 1,676y1,516.38024h 45m 28s10BrightonAshGB17N051135AF262A
 Lib Dets21231BHamid LaakvandPortsmouth239m 1,211y1,515.72314h 38m 19s4PortsmouthSouthamptonGB16V33008BL216B
 Lib Dets21316KJ J BoothCastleford439m 165y1,515.35348h 29m 59s2BrothertonSheffieldGB14P29495KB038K
 Lib Dets21412GM & M Fairfax & Liam MeadenLangport267m 1,160y1,515.29515h 10m 53s15SedgemoorBridgwaterGB17N12887GF165G
 Lib Dets2159HJohn BlackStotfold 324m 837y1,514.05686h 17m 11s11Baldock RoystonGB17B00675HB923H
 Lib Dets21610AMr & Mrs T & C WelchChichester240m 1,657y1,513.94864h 40m 6s8ChichesterSouthamptonGB15N03689AW084A
 Lib Dets21717KG.Oliver & SonLeeds450m 875y1,512.87968h 44m 5s8Keithley SheffieldGB16N71356KO104K
 Lib Dets21839LRob & Jo BebbingtonWinsford406m 492y1,512.80397h 52m 40s5ActonCongletongb17a14465LB929L
 Lib Dets21932BMr Paul BashamSouthampton244m 427y1,511.22174h 44m 27s40SalisburySouthamptonGB17N98541BB903B
 Lib Dets22018KMr E HigginbottomChesterfield406m 458y1,510.17607h 53m 28s15WhitwellSheffieldGB16N85230KH865K
 Lib Dets22117FMr Thomas BurnsMarlborough281m 1,330y1,509.40545h 28m 32s25DevizesSteventonGB15N44804FB882F
 Lib Dets22213GR E Taylor & SonsBristol288m 589y1,508.97715h 36m 18s4BristolBridgwaterGB16N25963GT195G
 Lib Dets22312IPeter John BicknellSoutham340m 143y1,508.80516h 36m 42s5SouthamSteventonGB15N59803IB912I
 Lib Dets22418FMr & Mrs.R. WardOxford305m 588y1,508.73995h 56m 11s3SteventonSteventonGB15P27638FW767F
 Lib Dets22519KJ J BoothCastleford439m 165y1,508.64818h 32m 15s2BrothertonSheffieldGB12C08536KB038K
 Lib Dets22614GStuart WilcoxBristol287m 1,412y1,508.58335h 35m 46s20High LittletonBridgwater16 N 79283GW748G
 Lib Dets2274PAlec MacKenzieChelmsford310m 722y1,508.55176h 2m 9s9LaindonRoystonGB14N62995PM611P
 Lib Dets22810HR Eccles And SonBaldock322m 1,565y1,507.38736h 17m 0s10BaldockRoystonGB15N24509HE102H
 Lib Dets22911HP.ChamberlainBurton Latimer346m 10y1,507.22716h 44m 2s4HarrowdenRoystonGB15Z66370HC682H
 Lib Dets23015GS MoseleyBristol287m 727y1,507.21665h 35m 37s5TowersBridgwaterGB16N93008GM200G
 Lib Dets23131EChitty BrothersKings Langley303m 392y1,507.12235h 54m 6s10Hemel HempsteadAshGB16N04046EC330E
 Lib Dets23219FP GilbertChilton290m 1,093y1,506.97675h 39m 25s6SteventonSteventonGB17N25073FG395F
 Lib Dets2333WJ & P.WebberAbertillery313m 880y1,506.85486h 6m 10s14cwmtilleryBridgwaterGB15A36249WW563W
 Lib Dets23416GD & F.Barresi & D.BullPeasedown St John278m 1,244y1,506.60055h 25m 35s7High LittletonBridgwaterGB13N76379GB920G
 Lib Dets23513IG BarrettShipston-on-Stour325m 853y1,506.05476h 20m 22s7BanburySteventonGB15Z71792IB911I
 Lib Dets23633BTony BarrettPortsmouth240m 900y1,504.53174h 41m 21s8ParadeSouthamptonGB17N24554BB912B
 Lib Dets23739JKevin BiggsTenbury Wells348m 314y1,504.52746h 47m 18s3Ceobury MortimerAlveleyGB16N34308JB887J
 Lib Dets23834BMichael MoonPortsmouth239m 1,426y1,503.53024h 40m 43s2milton h sSouthamptonGB16B33226BM620B
 Lib Dets23920KB DenneyYork461m 458y1,503.41318h 59m 59s9YorkSheffieldGB17N49315KD128K
 Lib Dets24021KJ R WoodsBarnsley431m 1,424y1,502.63768h 25m 46s8OssettSheffieldGB12R28994KW750K
 Lib Dets24122KP Curtis & SonYork451m 25y1,502.57448h 48m 17s10YorkSheffieldGB15N10894KC261K
 Lib Dets24240LJ G RiggNr. Congleton402m 907y1,502.01847h 51m 39s6CongletonCongletonNWHU14S0381LR190L
 Lib Dets24312HJOHN SEARLECAMBRIDGE333m 1,457y1,501.88396h 31m 12s10StanstedRoystonGB16N36036HS235H
 Lib Dets2444WMark SpareyAbertillery314m 470y1,501.79206h 8m 18s19cwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB15A36614WS863W
 Lib Dets24513HDavid DowningNewmarket344m 990y1,501.00246h 44m 1s11NewmarketRoystonGB15N30524HD364H
 Lib Dets24617GD & F.Barresi & D.BullPeasedown St John278m 1,244y1,500.99145h 26m 48s7High LittletonBridgwaterGB17L045503GB920G
 Lib Dets24735BKeith ThomasHavant241m 1,314y1,500.52554h 43m 33s12Emsworth & HavantSouthamptonGB13E00251BT295B
 Lib Dets24836BK & L CleifePortsmouth241m 55y1,500.49524h 42m 43s4premier 100SouthamptonNL17-1637657BC640B
 Lib Dets24932EMr & Mrs T ChardReading281m 963y1,499.69135h 30m 25s10ReadingSteventonGB13F21259EC209E
 Lib Dets25041LCampbell Bros.& SonLiverpool429m 1,700y1,494.99198h 26m 11s22LiverpoolCongletonGB16E35735LC839L
 Lib Dets25118GM HathwayBristol286m 850y1,494.25075h 37m 26s4TowersBridgwaterNEHU15TB356GH749G
 Lib Dets25219GC M NelmesBristol286m 1,526y1,493.74565h 38m 0s6HartcliffeBridgwaterGB15N27946GN007G
 Lib Dets25333EJ K Edwards & SonLuton312m 403y1,493.60726h 7m 55s8LutonSteventonGB17A00386EE152E
 Lib Dets25440JD & P.WhitfieldNewcastle-u-lYNE394m 892y1,493.13367h 45m 1s8CongletonCongletonGB16Z73033JW751J
 Lib Dets25523KH A Rawson, Son & TowersMansfield404m 1,123y1,492.74347h 57m 5s20WhitwellSheffieldGB17N68108KR360K
 Lib Dets25637BG Rann and DaughtersNr Ventnor226m 279y1,492.73954h 26m 39s7I.O.WSouthamptonGB14N34238BR338B
 Lib Dets25738BMr & Mrs HarveyWaterlooville241m 1,646y1,492.13644h 45m 22s7SouthamptonSouthamptonGB16N73113BH444B
 Lib Dets25824KM McGrevy & SonRotherham426m 298y1,491.36668h 22m 56s10GoldthorpeSheffieldGB17F22234KM070K
 Lib Dets25939BKeith ThomasHavant241m 1,314y1,491.32144h 45m 18s12Emsworth & HavantSouthamptonGB16E14197BT295B
 Lib Dets26040BMannor Lofts, M.C & J.NormanSouthampton247m 57y1,490.91964h 51m 37s6RomseySouthamptonGB17N018011BN016B
 Lib Dets26120GB CryerTaunton267m 1,532y1,490.05065h 16m 24s15WatchettBridgwaterGB16N54140GC637G
 Lib Dets26221GD Wyatt & M GrayBristol290m 1,183y1,489.68605h 43m 25s10WorleBridgwaterGB16P15972GW184G
 Lib Dets2631CM A & S C KingBlandford Forum243m 1,293y1,488.45594h 48m 12s6Rossmore F CSouthamptonGB16N32300CK153C
 Lib Dets26442LStephen RadcliffeSkelmersdale432m 1,028y1,485.55718h 32m 30s10congeltonCongletongb17z059918LR369L
 Lib Dets26525KD.W.ThompsonBarnsley429m 1,395y1,485.14738h 29m 20s14RotherhamSheffieldGB16H26096KT132K
 Lib Dets26614IM Wilson & DtrCalverton392m 1,021y1,484.61757h 45m 24s10CalvertonSheffieldGB16Z97767IW758I
 Lib Dets26720FE IlsleyWantage293m 1,717y1,484.42695h 48m 33s12SteventonSteventonGB2014N04662FI001F
 Lib Dets2681DB & D StrangeBridgwater276m 957y1,483.96875h 27m 59s2BridgwaterBridgwaterGB16N30527DS065D
 Lib Dets26926KG.Oliver & SonLeeds450m 875y1,482.93338h 54m 40s8Keithley SheffieldGB16N71309KO104K
 Lib Dets27022GColston LongBristol287m 1,225y1,482.05775h 41m 39s6BristolBridgwaterGB16N26256GL795G
 Lib Dets27114HC Crick & SonStotfold323m 1,751y1,480.92726h 25m 3s15BaldockRoystonGB16N13465HC499H
 Lib Dets27227KShackleton & SonKeighley450m 1,009y1,480.32298h 55m 42s5KeighleySheffieldGB16S28382KS699K
 Lib Dets2732CG GlazeShaftesbury256m 70y1,479.01105h 4m 41s24SHAFTESBURYBridgwater16D43371CG119C
 Lib Dets27441BLuke CrossGosport239m 1,041y1,478.11304h 45m 17s5Meon ValleySouthamptonGb17n24158BC654B
 Lib Dets27515HJohn BlackStotfold 324m 837y1,477.49646h 26m 31s11Baldock RoystonGB17Z81215HB923H
 Lib Dets27621FF J QuinnDevizes277m 882y1,477.09665h 30m 39s10ChippenhamSteventonGB17N40258FQ006F
 Lib Dets27743LHickman & ShoveltonWarrington418m 1,127y1,475.28608h 19m 26s10LymmCongletonGB15L06595LH837L
 Lib Dets27842BMr A C StephensPoole236m 1,507y1,474.93934h 42m 38s8EasthoweSouthamptonGB17N039807BS072B
 Lib Dets27923GN NuttStreet268m 951y1,473.82465h 20m 41s4GlastonburyBridgwaterGB15N58078GN151G
 Lib Dets28043BBerry & MatthewsNew Milton236m 172y1,473.16954h 42m 4s7TottonSouthamptonGB17B42449BB906B
 Lib Dets28134EAlan & Gary YoungSouth Croydon279m 1,479y1,472.69715h 34m 26s12BromleyAshGB17L092078EY002E
 Lib Dets28228KL & S. GashMansfield404m 1,452y1,472.54738h 3m 51s3WhitwellSheffieldGB15X55714KG415K
 Lib Dets28344LDerek HoggPreston444m 496y1,471.97198h 51m 13s4SouthportCongletonGB16B39409LH855L
 Lib Dets28424GJ & D StaddonShepton Mallett268m 717y1,471.25985h 21m 5s16Glastonbury FCBridgwaterGB15N10695GS861G
 Lib Dets28511AAlan HoldawayEmsworth241m 543y1,470.15404h 48m 53s10EmsworthSouthamptonGB17N68890AH793A
 Lib Dets28644BJ R GoodPortsmouth238m 1,508y1,469.97384h 45m 59s6MiltonSouthamptonGB14P15313BG219B
 Lib Dets28725GG SummersNailsea289m 1,691y1,469.84745h 47m 12s20WraxallBridgwaterGB15N23558GS719G
 Lib Dets28826GJ & D StaddonShepton Mallett268m 717y1,468.97235h 21m 35s16Glastonbury FCBridgwaterGB16N24541GS861G
 Lib Dets28945LKevin TagellCongleton403m 1,678y1,468.82038h 4m 2s4CongletonCongletonGB15N22004LT326L
 Lib Dets29035EC Stacey & SonWindsor284m 1,008y1,467.90155h 41m 12s10SunningdaleAshGB15S26528ES432E
 Lib Dets29127GS.WebbStreet269m 959y1,466.83545h 23m 25s6GlastonburyBridgwaterGB16X35500GW757G
 Lib Dets29215IPrince Bros.Cheadle389m 1,077y1,466.51297h 47m 35s6cheadleCongletonGb15z18275IP477I
 Lib Dets29346LG. E. AppletonManchester421m 1,592y1,465.70788h 26m 37s8CheadleCongletonGB17H09325LA419L
 Lib Dets29436ED G Watson & SonSunbury282m 1,301y1,463.08915h 40m 7s6AshAshGB16N54670EW785E
 Lib Dets29541JK RhodesTelford371m 1,216y1,462.99007h 27m 9s3Telford AlveleyGB16N67697JR138J
 Lib Dets29645BK & L CleifePortsmouth241m 55y1,462.89444h 49m 59s4premier 100SouthamptonGB17N39432BC640B
 Lib Dets29716IH Winstanley & SonsSutton Coldfield358m 700y1,462.73487h 11m 14s5TamworthAlveleyGB16N20773IW042I
 Lib Dets29846BMr E RannNewport227m 674y1,462.34104h 33m 40s12I.O.WSouthamptonGB16N39002BR351B
 Lib Dets2993CG GlazeShaftesbury256m 70y1,461.97695h 8m 14s24SHAFTESBURYBridgwater12L45051CG119C
 Lib Dets30012AD & D McFaddenCranleigh263m 1,746y1,460.24625h 18m 11s34Horsham rpcAshGb17N30946AM626A
 Lib Dets30147BD HumanPetersfield252m 341y1,460.22925h 3m 58s4Five HeadsAshGB17N17055BH131B
 Lib Dets30248BD HumanPetersfield252m 341y1,459.50905h 4m 7s4Five HeadsAshGB16N01025BH131B
 Lib Dets3034CNeville & Diana SpracklenDorchester238m 1,049y1,459.35364h 47m 45s30WeymouthKingsteigntonGB16N67393CS679C
 Lib Dets30449BMr Elvin BoothGosport237m 54y1,459.16054h 45m 54s14GosportSouthamptonGB17F31163BB911B
 Lib Dets30550BB & L ScuttPortsmouth238m 984y1,458.87424h 47m 48s4Milton Homing Society SouthamptonGB16N87594BS652B
 Lib Dets30628GW G HarrisElton313m 1,001y1,457.81726h 18m 34s16NewentAlveleyGB17N01026GH001G
 Lib Dets30729KS Harrison & SonBradford443m 231y1,457.77768h 55m 0s7BradfordSheffieldGB14D33992KH768K
 Lib Dets30829GT CleverleyBristol286m 1,293y1,457.55175h 46m 14s2BristolBridgwaterGB13F04554GC395G
 Lib Dets30913AMr & Mrs May & SonChichester241m 1,305y1,457.40474h 51m 56s29Bognor & ChichesterSouthamptonBELG176075529AM648A
 Lib Dets3105PGladwin Jarvis & FamilyLeigh on Sea302m 1,300y1,457.18586h 5m 39s25basildonRoystonGB17N48701PG421P
 Lib Dets3115CMr & Mrs.HodgesTemplecombe258m 1,735y1,456.58825h 12m 56s16GlastonburyBridgwaterGB15N77022CH699C
 Lib Dets31214AM & J.BartonBrighton246m 17y1,456.52724h 57m 16s10BrightonAshGB17N051168AB879A
 Lib Dets31315AD RobertsEmsworth241m 459y1,456.00304h 51m 38s5EmsworthSouthamptonGB15E07929AR348A
 Lib Dets3146PJohn CowlinHullbridge305m 1,725y1,455.66976h 9m 57s20Hullbridge RoystonGB16N658448PC690P
 Lib Dets31516HMatt DonovanThaxted324m 1,123y1,455.64016h 32m 31s8StanstedRoystonGB14R36695HD363H
 Lib Dets31630KMr S J CooperSheffield414m 368y1,454.57358h 21m 11s3GLEADLESS H.S.SheffieldGB15P00372KC671K
 Lib Dets31730GW G HarrisElton313m 1,001y1,450.98206h 20m 21s16NewentAlveleyGB17N15875GH001G
 Lib Dets31847LBrian NoonStockport417m 1,627y1,449.82988h 27m 20s2CongletonGB15B3194LN082L
 Lib Dets31917HG PugsleySpalding379m 53y1,448.78497h 40m 27s10South Holland Flying ClubRoystonGB14Z65423HP467H
 Lib Dets32037ED SeedwellFeltham284m 1,272y1,448.57975h 45m 56s2Bedfont AshGB17V82636ES742E
 Lib Dets32117ID Callan & SonLong Itchington339m 1,066y1,447.87276h 52m 49s3southamBridgwaterGB16N01454IC659I
 Lib Dets32238ERobert QuinnAldershot268m 1,626y1,447.05025h 27m 5s10West FarnboroughAshGB17N046820EQ001E
 Lib Dets32331GN J EvansBlakeney309m 1,054y1,446.81336h 16m 37s2LydneyBridgwaterGB15N41579GE099G
 Lib Dets3247PMahoney BrosBasildon300m 732y1,446.00576h 5m 39s7basildonRoystonGB16P32153PM653P
 Lib Dets3258PB McAllisterNr Buntingford321m 25y1,445.77566h 30m 47s20STANSTEDRoystonNWHU13N5512PM078P
 Lib Dets32639ETerry HaleyNr Watford301m 996y1,445.74206h 7m 7s4BoxmoorAshGB17N00904EH815E
 Lib Dets32716AK KingHavant241m 1,492y1,445.66514h 54m 26s14Premier 100 clubSouthamptonGB16N43331AK132A
 Lib Dets3289PJ Clarke & DaughterSelling285m 1,289y1,445.63725h 47m 52s50AshAshGB13N99029PC477P
 Lib Dets32948LMr W BeechCongleton404m 542y1,445.57038h 12m 15s4congletonCongletonGB16N41988LB652L
 Lib Dets3306CG GlazeShaftesbury256m 70y1,445.40795h 11m 46s24SHAFTESBURYBridgwater17X47091CG119C
 Lib Dets3317CMr J P HalsteadNr Gillingham256m 977y1,445.07255h 12m 28s5ShaftesburyBridgwaterGB16A00539CH201C
 Lib Dets33242JMr F A SpeedCrewe395m 456y1,444.26858h 1m 40s11AudlemCongletonGB16N51942JS701J
 Lib Dets33318HD J BrandCambridge346m 425y1,443.29937h 2m 13s4CambridgeRoystonGB16T44981HB911H
 Lib Dets33431KPeter HaglandNr Doncaster418m 1,551y1,441.68768h 31m 22s4WhitwellSheffieldGB14Z03363KH813K
 Lib Dets33549LD.Garnett & MooreStockport418m 1,213y1,439.33788h 31m 58s4CheadleCongletonGB16C35559LG421L
 Lib Dets33640EJ Newell & SonFeltham284m 1,224y1,438.53015h 48m 19s5Bedfont SRFCAshGB16E34379EN085E
 Lib Dets33719HMr & Mrs I RaperStetchworth341m 1,331y1,437.59806h 58m 24s10NewmarketRoystonGB17Z070155HR057H
 Lib Dets33832KA & A SeniorHuddersfield434m 204y1,436.30798h 51m 57s4Marathon ClubSheffieldGB16N82608KS704K
 Lib Dets33951BA.J.WheatcroftPortsmouth236m 1,717y1,434.81574h 50m 41s2MiltonSouthamptonGB17P15282BW724B
 Lib Dets34020HN & J CallaghanCambridge336m 1,282y1,434.62126h 53m 6s16BaldockRoystonGB14N80402HC639H
 Lib Dets34141ESteven BuckleNorthwood295m 783y1,433.90846h 2m 38s5BoxmoorAshGB16N38155EB944E
 Lib Dets34217AM TuckGodalming263m 286y1,433.65465h 23m 4s6GodalmingAshGB16N48896AT232A
 Lib Dets34322FMr Carden GarrodWhitchurch267m 1,101y1,433.49025h 28m 35s6WhitchurchAshGB14N48778FG396F
 Lib Dets34443ER Besant & SonWorcester Park281m 13y1,432.92195h 45m 9s4EsherAshGB14N79161EB943E
 Lib Dets34542ER Besant & SonWorcester Park281m 13y1,432.92195h 45m 9s4EsherAshGB14N79169EB943E
 Lib Dets34644EP D VassEgham281m 825y1,432.78385h 45m 45s3SunningdaleAshGB16N04252EV040E
 Lib Dets34752BM Wiggins & SonsPortsmouth241m 251y1,432.77224h 56m 13s4Channel flying clubSouthamptonGB17N52568BW717B
 Lib Dets34843JM & M KnowlesWordsley356m 1,290y1,432.73887h 18m 13s6AlveleyAlveleyGB16N56288JK182J
 Lib Dets34921HMr & Mrs.R.SkinnerBoston391m 753y1,432.59908h 0m 53s6bostonRoystonGB16Z90276HS662H
 Lib Dets35022HMr T.BennettFrithville396m 1,335y1,431.91058h 7m 40s15BostonRoystonGB15X39933HB924H
 Lib Dets35145ERobert QuinnAldershot268m 1,626y1,431.00835h 30m 45s10West FarnboroughAshGB15F10341EQ001E
 Lib Dets35232GE HarveyColeford313m 1,006y1,430.68316h 25m 45s3Ross & DistrictBridgwaterGB11L33067GH092G
 Lib Dets35353BG L NutbeenSouthampton243m 188y1,430.51824h 59m 6s6SholingSouthamptonGB16N85902BN054B
 Lib Dets35423HR T HoweyNorthampton336m 1,682y1,430.33816h 54m 37s5BanburySteventonGB2015N62047HH503H
 Lib Dets35533GMr & Mrs J HendyBristol289m 963y1,430.26385h 56m 18s5Farrington GurneyBridgwaterGB15F03169GH014G
 Lib Dets35610PD ChildsWickford302m 766y1,429.27556h 12m 25s30Hullbridge RoystonGB17N69399PC732P
 Lib Dets35718AF Hall & DaughtersWorthing242m 1,447y1,429.00254h 59m 4s5littlehamptonSouthamptongb16l17815AH055A
 Lib Dets35846EJohn & Bradley Donovan & P J McHughWarlingham278m 199y1,428.99675h 42m 32s6Bromley AshGB13N52102ED364E
 Lib Dets35954BM CollinsSouthampton246m 974y1,427.72765h 3m 56s4RomseySouthamptonGB16N40921BC650B
 Lib Dets36047EMalik & KhanTolworth280m 307y1,426.95195h 45m 34s11esherAshGB 17 N 050016EM635E
 Lib Dets36119AMr & Mrs Kevin CooperLiss254m 1,183y1,425.79685h 14m 22s4HorndeanAshGB17N66251AC685A
 Lib Dets36255BS A BenhamPortsmouth238m 1,509y1,424.56464h 55m 6s3petersfield hsSouthamptonGB17N23268BB328B
 Lib Dets36324H Andy TalmerWoburn322m 137y1,423.72726h 38m 9s3leighton BuzzardRoystonGB14N26395HT049H
 Lib Dets36411PMr & Mrs S WakerleyBasildon299m 737y1,423.62096h 10m 10s15TilburyRoystonGB14N92922PW748P
 Lib Dets36525HJohn BlackStotfold 324m 837y1,422.35876h 41m 30s11Baldock RoystonGB17N15965HB923H
 Lib Dets3665WW Hollins & SonWrexham403m 1,541y1,422.30578h 19m 46s6LlayCongletonGB16Z76366WH335W
 Lib Dets36756BA J HounsellPortsmouth239m 1,417y1,421.94514h 56m 49s6milton h sSouthamptonGB16N55036BH794B
 Lib Dets36857BMr E RannNewport227m 674y1,421.73254h 41m 29s12I.O.WSouthamptonGB16E34482BR351B
 Lib Dets36948EL M PenycateWest Molesey281m 1,334y1,421.03545h 48m 58s4SpelthorneAshGB17N059064EP275E
 Lib Dets37049EDaniel IordacheSlough288m 886y1,418.20875h 58m 2s6WindsorAshGB16B41812EJ262E
 Lib Dets37158BD E JohnsonSouthampton244m 1,105y1,417.89895h 3m 39s6SholingSouthamptonGB17N73885BJ201B
 Lib Dets37233KA HollandShipley448m 603y1,415.35329h 17m 31s6KeighleySheffieldGB15N75425KH298K
 Lib Dets37350ERussell TornoNORTHOLT290m 1,577y1,414.95266h 1m 50s10UNIKONSteventonGB17 V 06664ET343E
 Lib Dets37434KBrian HollandKeighley451m 502y1,414.87209h 21m 22s6keighleySheffieldGB16P07123KH809K
 Lib Dets37512PD Wilton & SonGrays292m 1,346y1,414.59446h 4m 15s15TilburyRoystonGB15R38378PW565P
 Lib Dets37618IPaul AskeyBirmingham350m 932y1,413.84677h 16m 21s6PortwayAlveleyGB15N01795IA229I
 Lib Dets37750LA.G.PikeWilmslow414m 1,168y1,412.21278h 36m 47s8CheadleCongletonGB17N064089LP444L
 Lib Dets37844JD AldredCannock370m 340y1,411.78767h 41m 30s5StaffordAlveleyGB17Z090822JA196J
 Lib Dets37926HMr & Mrs R ThompsonStotfold324m 353y1,411.42736h 44m 16s3BaldockRoystonGB14B40240HT081H
 Lib Dets38051LStephen LallementStockport421m 1,127y1,411.39328h 45m 47s5CheadleCongletonGB17N027230LL744L
 Lib Dets38159BMr Elvin BoothGosport237m 54y1,410.96054h 55m 40s14GosportSouthamptonGB17F31187BB911B
 Lib Dets38252LGeoff BebbingtonNorthwich410m 1,274y1,410.30248h 32m 34s10Acton bridgeCongletonGb15l06071LB948L
 Lib Dets3836WWilliams Bros.Son & BurghamCwmtillery318m 398y1,409.06036h 37m 29s8cwmtilleryCwmtillerywhu13N09612WW001W
 Lib Dets3847WB Cooke & SonWrexham401m 1,273y1,408.80658h 21m 52s11LlayCongletonGB16Z10285WC838W
 Lib Dets3858WB Cooke & SonWrexham401m 1,273y1,408.80658h 21m 52s11LlayCongleton16z10285WC838W
 Lib Dets38651E Birch Bros.Hayes289m 1,319y1,408.66176h 2m 1s10Lambert Flying ClubAshGB17N53907EB899E
 Lib Dets38760BP PriddleSouthampton244m 929y1,406.89445h 5m 54s6SholingSouthamptonGB17N09745BP032B
 Lib Dets38813PKevin FosterLongfield286m 931y1,405.03655h 58m 55s40Malling highamAshGB17E21371PF356P
 Lib Dets3899WHowell & JohnsonRisca305m 605y1,403.63496h 22m 52s5CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB17V28066WH805W
 Lib Dets39045JMr & Mrs A ShoreCrewe394m 162y1,403.24788h 14m 17s6AudlemAlveleyGB16N57754JS627J
 Lib Dets39114PD Heywood & SonLaindon300m 1,181y1,402.48516h 17m 19s8TilburyRoystonGB17N04101PH801P
 Lib Dets39215PA Marney & L HowardFairseat282m 874y1,402.19225h 54m 35s6BromleyAshGB16N06662PM636P
 Lib Dets39361BGeorge Willett & SonPortsmouth239m 398y1,401.20255h 0m 29s4Milton H.SSouthamptonGB17P15110BW720B
 Lib Dets39410WK Lloyd & S BagnallNr Wrexham403m 531y1,400.57428h 26m 48s3LlayCongletonGB12Z49397WL733W
 Lib Dets39534GL F WallStreet269m 1,259y1,399.60395h 39m 10s6Glastonbury F.CBridgwaterGB15N66152GW540G
 Lib Dets39662BK & S.FrancisSouthampton243m 511y1,398.78375h 6m 7s6SouthamptonSouthamptonGB15V05203BF259B
 Lib Dets3972DR & C KirbyExeter255m 1,063y1,397.16245h 21m 59s6HonitonKingsteigntonGB15N99628DK178D
 Lib Dets39835GDaniel HockingBridgwater278m 1,533y1,396.86845h 51m 22s10WatchetBridgwaterGB16N98522GH824G
 Lib Dets39936GB.SimmonsPaulton 278m 1,218y1,396.83335h 51m 9s8Paulton BridgwaterGB16P08268GS869G
 Lib Dets40046JM & M KnowlesWordsley356m 1,290y1,395.79097h 29m 49s6AlveleyAlveleyGB16P40021JK182J
 Lib Dets40137GPhilip PopleStreet268m 1,569y1,395.26025h 39m 11s4gLASTONBURYBridgwaterGB13S74706GP470G
 Lib Dets40223FW & D WardReading277m 1,013y1,394.74595h 50m 16s8ReadingSteventonGB17N30485FW639F
 Lib Dets40347JNigel Matthews & Neil HarrisAlveley355m 1,473y1,394.71387h 29m 2s10AlveleyAlveleyGB15Z13569JM615J
 Lib Dets40452ELaz GormanSlough289m 32y1,393.43106h 5m 3s4WindsorAshGB14S57050EG446E
 Lib Dets40516PD & B.PriceBrentwood299m 1,312y1,393.12186h 18m 41s4DagenhamRoystonGB14H09314PP496P
 Lib Dets40617PD A DeleaRainham294m 888y1,392.98046h 12m 6s16HaveringRoystonGB14R49385PD080P
 Lib Dets40738GAdrian BishopBristol288m 1,588y1,389.19366h 6m 1s10MangotsfieldBridgwaterGB14S69835GB935G
 Lib Dets40820AD WalkerBordon258m 1,380y1,388.59765h 28m 0s2HorndeanAshGB15N63539AW329A
 Lib Dets40963BA ParsonsSalisbury259m 495y1,388.16165h 28m 44s6SalisburySouthamptonGB17N40294BP284B
 Lib Dets41024FMr & Mrs P KendalWantage291m 1,751y1,387.94836h 10m 16s8Hunger fordSteventonGB16N80225FK030F
 Lib Dets4111NJ Walton & SonCoxhoe509m 186y1,387.932410h 45m 35s5Toft HillToft HillGB16N52320NW756N
 Lib Dets41219IGary CarterChildswickham325m 424y1,387.75066h 52m 29s3SteventonSteventonGB17E02765IC663I
 Lib Dets41335KC Booth & S ShipleyYork457m 1,228y1,387.20179h 40m 42s7YORKSheffieldGB14N83128KB903K
 Lib Dets4148CM R StaddonCrewkerne253m 1,503y1,387.16585h 22m 5s20CrewkerneBridgwaterGB12N36909CS040C
 Lib Dets41521AA J BaughenLiphook257m 868y1,386.60285h 26m 50s5GodalmingAshGB17N059936AB881A
 Lib Dets41648JL BrewerWorcester334m 805y1,383.74477h 5m 24s5MalvernAlveleyGB16N32049JB439J
 Lib Dets41720IK L ElstoneNr Rugeley372m 1,704y1,382.23637h 54m 54s4StaffordAlveleyGB17R29061IE057I
 Lib Dets4189CG OwersWareham238m 864y1,380.43415h 4m 4s2WeymouthBridgwaterGB15P19724CO046C
 Lib Dets41953ERobert QuinnAldershot268m 1,626y1,379.69985h 43m 3s10West FarnboroughAshGB14N21021EQ001E
 Lib Dets42054EMr & Mrs S FearHayes289m 3y1,377.31656h 9m 18s4HayesAshGB17N066522EF055E
 Lib Dets4211OB.BlamireKendal481m 687y1,376.965710h 15m 18s4KendalCongletonGB14Z93985OB947O
 Lib Dets42264BBartlett & JonesSouthampton247m 801y1,376.70625h 16m 21s10TottonSouthamptonGB 17 N 3176BB885B
 Lib Dets42365BBartlett & JonesSouthampton247m 801y1,376.70625h 16m 21s10TottonSouthamptonGB 17 N 31786BB885B
 Lib Dets4243DMr H FranksTiverton265m 284y1,375.83735h 39m 12s10HonitonBridgwaterGB15N34650DF221D
 Lib Dets42536KDavid HodsonSheffield416m 452y1,374.76458h 52m 54s10WorksopSheffieldGB15D28715KH867K
 Lib Dets42639GJ RaeburnMelksham280m 364y1,373.97105h 58m 56s5Wilts contSteventonGB15P49503GR052G
 Lib Dets42718PJ & J BradySouth Benfleet299m 1,358y1,373.95316h 24m 0s10BasildonRoystonGB17N72268PB897P
 Lib Dets42837KJohn ScatchardWest Cowick437m 452y1,373.13239h 20m 27s6HowdenSheffieldGB16N06232KS747K
 Lib Dets42911WA.Frampton & N.PriceAbertillery313m 1,151y1,371.78966h 42m 25s8CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB16D40911WF002W
 Lib Dets43066BS VaizeyFareham240m 836y1,369.69585h 9m 0s4meon valley fcSouthamptonGB15N13959BV015B
 Lib Dets43140GD VowlesStreet269m 1,272y1,369.49325h 46m 38s6GlastonburyBridgwaterGB16N38232GV038G
 Lib Dets43241GSheldon HornBridgewater278m 1,140y1,369.18715h 58m 11s15sedgemoorBridgwaterGB17N13106GH800G
 Lib Dets43327HMr & Mrs R AukerBrandon357m 1,502y1,367.88977h 40m 26s5StuntneyRoystonNWHU13S1551HA078H
 Lib Dets43467BMichael MoonPortsmouth239m 1,426y1,367.53215h 8m 38s2milton h sSouthamptonGB15E07848BM620B
 Lib Dets43538KRichard HoldenRotherham423m 980y1,367.02229h 5m 19s1Rotherham SheffieldGb 16 V 35314KH875K
 Lib Dets43639KOxley & WilkinsonLeeds445m 415y1,365.89689h 33m 42s4BradfordSheffieldGB15N97571KO102K
 Lib Dets43740KA LanderYork474m 1,629y1,363.533910h 13m 1s4YorkSheffieldGB16Z40633KL390K
 Lib Dets43819PMr & Mrs L PriorBishops Stortford316m 878y1,362.89526h 48m 43s6StanstedRoystonGB16N48432PP463P
 Lib Dets43942GSheldon HornBridgewater278m 1,140y1,361.83646h 0m 7s15sedgemoorBridgwaterGB17N13108GH800G
 Lib Dets4402NRobert McKieNewcastle upon Tyne523m 300y1,361.093911h 16m 30s5Toft HillToft HillNEHU14EC5456NM623N
 Lib Dets44143GD OwensBridgwater271m 1,578y1,360.90065h 51m 38s6SedgemoorBridgwaterGB15N61430GO022G
 Lib Dets44241KPearson & DransfieldBarnsley430m 1,165y1,360.06649h 17m 18s13SheffieldGB16N66355KP469K
 Lib Dets44344GDerek TaylorBristol288m 129y1,359.82036h 12m 51s4BristolBridgwaterGB13N48846GT287G
 Lib Dets44453LVictor DaceStockport418m 1,040y1,358.96959h 2m 7s9CheadleCongletonGB16N21939LD321L
 Lib Dets44510CSteven & Chris WilliamsWeymouth233m 1,315y1,358.03815h 2m 56s8UptonBridgwaterGB16N85482CW662C
 Lib Dets44668BMichael JefferiesWaterlooville245m 1,667y1,357.94315h 18m 46s10100 ClubSouthamptonGB15B11203BJ207B
 Lib Dets44742KF EllisWorksop409m 16y1,356.68308h 50m 36s10WHITWELLSheffieldNWHU17R5524KE016K
 Lib Dets44855EBaron & CrickHitchen317m 1,477y1,354.58156h 52m 58s4baldockRoystonGB15Z85694EB963E
 Lib Dets44912WPreece Bros & SonAbertillery315m 584y1,354.17006h 49m 50s13CWMTILLERYCwmtilleryGB116A33279WP407W
 Lib Dets45028HR.G.AldhouseGreat Shelford336m 1,505y1,351.25937h 18m 45s3CambridgeRoystonGB14N65290HA196H
 Lib Dets45125FCowley Bros.Cirencester302m 324y1,348.09016h 34m 31s7WatchfordSteventonGB17N051435FC658F
 Lib Dets45222AK AbbottBrighton246m 1,162y1,347.85615h 22m 5s5BrightonSouthamptonGB14L49419AA011A
 Lib Dets45369BF & P EmerySouthampton246m 738y1,344.73055h 22m 31s3TottonSouthamptonGB15N17294BE142B
 Lib Dets45445GMr.G.J.ParsonsBristol288m 232y1,344.35216h 17m 13s4WraxallBridgwaterGB17N09055GP472G
 Lib Dets45546GR & R WiltonStreet268m 1,705y1,343.88935h 52m 15s8GlastonburyBridgwaterGB16N19922GW059G
 Lib Dets45643KWalter SmithScunthorpe426m 1,228y1,343.52919h 18m 58s4SheffieldSheffieldGB17N20496KS752K
 Lib Dets45720PFagg & NicholasNr Sittingbourne286m 594y1,341.96886h 15m 32s10sittingbourneRoystonGB17A00531PF351P
 Lib Dets45856EA G MuirDorking268m 1,041y1,341.49655h 52m 23s22GodalmingAshGB17N43323EM414E
 Lib Dets45957EDaniel IordacheSlough288m 886y1,339.86986h 18m 58s6WindsorAshGB15B36571EJ262E
 Lib Dets46070BMr & Mrs N SmithSalisbury258m 805y1,337.24155h 40m 10s5SalisburySouthamptonGB15N37823BS611B
 Lib Dets46123ADavid WellsLiphook257m 550y1,336.62265h 38m 49s2Five HeadsAshGb17l20427AW290A
 Lib Dets46247GMr & Mrs P RakesBath276m 749y1,336.13496h 4m 7s4High LittletonBridgwaterGB16N20344GR093G
 Lib Dets46321IChris TurnerCoventry349m 75y1,335.27397h 40m 4s27Own clubAlveleyGB17Z98804IT251I
 Lib Dets46449JE D WatkinsShrewsbury369m 612y1,332.84768h 7m 43s2ShrewsburyAlveleyGB15N00766JW106J
 Lib Dets46544KJ & J.GreenfieldRoyston431m 154y1,332.28489h 29m 29s10OssettSheffieldGB11P03915KG420K
 Lib Dets46624AG & D MarshSouthwater255m 697y1,330.26645h 37m 54s10HorshamSouthamptonGB17N017076AM631A
 Lib Dets46750JNeil GreatwichCleobury Mortimer351m 948y1,329.74467h 45m 17s4Cleobury AlveleyGB115Z17115JG403J
 Lib Dets46871BT J AdamsFareham238m 1,416y1,324.87975h 17m 14s5SouthamptonSouthamptonGB17N59564BA085B
 Lib Dets46929HBarber & WilkinsonGreat Yarmouth382m 968y1,319.35338h 30m 19s7Gt YarmouthRoystonGB15N56959HB418H
 Lib Dets47058EMr & Mrs E KulpaReading281m 725y1,317.71466h 15m 52s4shinfieldSteventongb16n 29763EK027E
 Lib Dets47125ADavid WellsLiphook257m 550y1,316.29125h 44m 3s2Five HeadsAshGb16p30827AW290A
 Lib Dets47251JR ScrivenBridgnorth356m 1,395y1,316.14567h 57m 7s7AlveleyAlveleyGB15N51107JS309J
 Lib Dets4734DA PhillipsTiverton270m 199y1,311.50586h 2m 29s2TivertonKingsteigntonGB15N39695DP044D
 Lib Dets4742OKrzysztof CzaplinskiKendal479m 1,340y1,310.436910h 44m 21s7CarnforthCongletonNWHU11C5619OC172O
 Lib Dets47545KDixon & SonYork458m 1,585y1,309.443910h 16m 48s5YorkSheffieldGB15R39278KD090K
 Lib Dets47646KG RidgwayBarnsley427m 1,166y1,309.09509h 34m 58s6GoldthorpeSheffieldGB13N21328KR075K
 Lib Dets47726AP & L. McMahonBrighton245m 1,024y1,308.91035h 30m 13s6BrightonSouthamptonGB17N75247AM131A
 Lib Dets47847KD EdwardsMaltby418m 1,668y1,307.62519h 23m 53s3WhitwellSheffieldGB17Z14282KE140K
 Lib Dets47948GPhillip DuckettHighbridge276m 1,285y1,306.68496h 12m 44s5GlastonburyBridgwaterGB15V23322GD369G
 Lib Dets4805DC WilliamsPlymouth251m 808y1,305.51035h 39m 0s6PlymouthKingsteigntonGB17N71012DW749D
 Lib Dets48113WMr & Mrs.LewisAbergavenny319m 1,260y1,304.76127h 11m 16s8CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB17N054323WL794W
 Lib Dets4823OAllan Graham & Co.Cleator Moor504m 1,759y1,304.531411h 21m 19s5Flimby H.SCongletonGB16A17939OG316O
 Lib Dets48354LSteven ParkinsonCrewe401m 36y1,303.16849h 1m 36s5Crewe CongletonGB12C16543LP482L
 Lib Dets4846DP & D ClarkeTaunton273m 1,083y1,303.04776h 9m 34s5WatchetBridgwaterGB14N74973DC269D
 Lib Dets48514WMr & Mrs.LewisAbergavenny319m 1,260y1,299.23817h 13m 6s8CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB17N054315WL794W
 Lib Dets48615WC.NealeCardiff302m 38y1,298.75316h 49m 17s2NewportBridgwaterGB16S51356WN150W
 Lib Dets48759EG Oliver & SonFeltham284m 1,638y1,297.48516h 26m 30s1BEDFONTAshGB13N57875EO073E
 Lib Dets4883NM Anderson & SonsWashington521m 1,736y1,296.616511h 48m 32s14MurtonSheffieldGB16E00466NA198N
 Lib Dets48960EJ Donovan & SonsSouth Croydon280m 270y1,294.54346h 20m 53s4Bromley AshGB14N24465ED269E
 Lib Dets4907DMr S GroseExeter255m 1,623y1,294.00915h 48m 5s7ClubKingsteigntonGB16N18833DG182D
 Lib Dets49149GDavid MooreBristol286m 771y1,292.14666h 30m 9s7WraxallBridgwaterGB16N07443GM368G
 Lib Dets49250GMr & Mrs P RakesBath276m 749y1,290.18966h 17m 5s4High LittletonBridgwaterGB16N20360GR093G
 Lib Dets49311CMr & Mrs L CowleyDorchester241m 635y1,288.36375h 29m 43s8WeymouthBridgwaterGB14N46969CC425C
 Lib Dets49421PJ & J BradySouth Benfleet299m 1,358y1,287.92386h 49m 39s10BasildonRoystonGB17A00769PB897P
 Lib Dets49561EMr G RoweAylesbury306m 1,424y1,287.56676h 59m 23s8Gt MissendenSteventonGB17N096095ER388E
 Lib Dets49622PSteve CoxellOngar311m 906y1,287.16057h 5m 57s26EppingRoystonGB16N99595PC737P
 Lib Dets49762EP StoneWest Drayton287m 1,018y1,286.46456h 33m 26s9HayesAshGB17E28066ES193E
 Lib Dets49830HMike TurnerHuntingdon348m 1,005y1,286.22207h 56m 58s9RoystonRoystonGB16N86757HT339H
 Lib Dets4994OAllan Graham & Co.Cleator Moor504m 1,759y1,284.948711h 31m 42s5Flimby H.SCongletonGB15C41731OG316O
 Lib Dets50063EMr & Mrs P BridgewaterGodalming264m 989y1,284.31666h 2m 33s3GodalmingAshGB12N67995EB461E
 Lib Dets50123PJ Harris & DaughterDagenham295m 1,240y1,283.82196h 45m 23s10DagenhamRoystonGB15H06314PH848P
 Lib Dets50252JMr Paul WhitfieldNewcastle-under-Lyme395m 1,281y1,282.14229h 3m 13s9Congleton CongletonGb16z72911JW752J
 Lib Dets50327AM P MorterMidhurst252m 788y1,281.47295h 46m 43s9ChichesterAshGB13N53961AM126A
 Lib Dets50464EDaniel IordacheSlough288m 886y1,278.68556h 37m 6s6WindsorAshGB15B36565EJ262E
 Lib Dets50518WJ J Williams, SonsPontypool314m 646y1,276.71567h 13m 22s4CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB 16 N 37963WW363W
 Lib Dets50616WJ J Williams, SonsPontypool314m 646y1,276.71567h 13m 22s4CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB 16N 37963WW363W
 Lib Dets50717WJ J Williams, SonsPontypool314m 646y1,276.71567h 13m 22s4CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB16N37963WW363W
 Lib Dets50848KD FusseyBridlington468m 758y1,276.483310h 45m 52s4FlamboroughSheffieldGB16A30720KF226K
 Lib Dets50924PP J KellyHarlow309m 421y1,275.71147h 6m 38s5RoystonGB17N91102PK187P
 Lib Dets5108DA J WeymouthWellington265m 1,206y1,273.95726h 7m 3s9HonitonBridgwaterGB17N068909DW755D
 Lib Dets5114NMalcolm, Heslington & JonesWingate508m 1,172y1,273.594511h 42m 56s3Toft HillToft HillNEHU13S1599NM635N
 Lib Dets51265EKhan BrothersNew Malden281m 550y1,271.90446h 29m 16s10Southdown's AshGB17N78677EK083E
 Lib Dets5139DMr & Mrs A MabinTotnes239m 726y1,268.41065h 32m 12s8KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB16N92073DM015D
 Lib Dets51472BBob BateLovedean245m 825y1,268.05115h 40m 42s10PetersfieldSouthamptonGB13E41695BB910B
 Lib Dets51555LMr K.C.PowellCrewe401m 970y1,265.36969h 18m 31s6CreweCongletonGB16N58281LP480L
 Lib Dets51656LMr J C BrocklehurstCongleton402m 1,331y1,263.92459h 20m 50s5CongletonCongletonGB17N036283LB944L
 Lib Dets51712CMr & Mrs B FrostCrewkerne253m 1,018y1,263.88265h 53m 7s10CrewkerneBridgwater17N47184CF165C
 Lib Dets51857LD.E.RickardsManchester420m 1,157y1,262.58199h 46m 23s6CongletonCongletonGB16A28337LR388L
 Lib Dets51949KR & J HardyHuddersfield430m 1,216y1,260.978210h 1m 8s4PenineSheffieldGB14X38245KH804K
 Lib Dets52028AMr J TyermanBracklesham Bay235m 455y1,260.63335h 28m 27s10ChichesterSouthamptonGB13N55743AT029A
 Lib Dets52151GT & M CarpenterBristol288m 1,189y1,257.23356h 44m 7s4WraxallBridgwaterGB15N14546GC227G
 Lib Dets52210DC ColwellMinehead281m 1,671y1,255.27476h 35m 19s7watchetBridgwaterGB14R49766DC622D
 Lib Dets52373BC BartlettSalisbury258m 1,697y1,249.67426h 4m 43s2SalisburySouthamptonGB15N58174BB478B
 Lib Dets52431HBecker & CatchpoleNorwich382m 750y1,248.62268h 59m 3s6NorwichRoystonGB15R48803HB930H
 Lib Dets52525PB & F GassonChatham287m 609y1,247.68676h 45m 20s6MaidstoneAshGB17N040629PG416P
 Lib Dets52666ERobert LevingstonNew Malden282m 204y1,246.92116h 38m 12s14AshAshGB 17 N 085281EL410E
 Lib Dets52767ERobert LevingstonNew Malden282m 204y1,246.92116h 38m 12s14AshAshGB 17 N 0854281EL410E
 Lib Dets52858LMr.K.Bosson & SonSandbach403m 526y1,246.47649h 29m 27s4CreweCongletonGB17C03910LB946L
 Lib Dets52922IGordon John BullockEvesham328m 1,638y1,246.45937h 44m 27s8MalvernAlveleyGB17N003636IB899I
 Lib Dets53059LJ Baxter JnrPreston444m 485y1,246.095610h 27m 30s4SouthportCongletonGB15N32240LB066L
 Lib Dets53111DPage.Garrod & NursePlymouth246m 592y1,242.44735h 48m 57s12PlymouthKingsteigntonGB17N81290DP452D
 Lib Dets53229AR HamptonBognor Regis237m 1,623y1,240.47505h 37m 34s8ChichesterSouthamptonGB17N21171AH641A
 Lib Dets53326PP C DeleaRainham293m 1,113y1,239.70816h 56m 52s16DagenhamRoystonGB16N93332PD079P
 Lib Dets53474BC HallettPortsmouth237m 1,394y1,235.70895h 38m 41s2MiltonSouthamptonGB17S08333BH001B
 Lib Dets53512DK Loversidge-JenkinWiveliscombe271m 1,356y1,231.50366h 28m 24s8watchetBridgwaterGB15N12569DL385D
 Lib Dets53650KCatch & CartwrightPontefract433m 9y1,229.704710h 19m 44s5RotherhamSheffieldGB15S79030KC919K
 Lib Dets53751KA P HowsonSheffield414m 247y1,227.94389h 53m 35s6WorksopSheffieldGB17N40508KH859K
 Lib Dets53813DG WilsonExeter252m 1,466y1,223.49746h 3m 42s12EstuaryKingsteigntonGB17N26456DW743D
 Lib Dets53930AD E FarrBognor Regis238m 994y1,221.39245h 43m 46s6chichesterSouthamptonGB17N65302AF042A
 Lib Dets54052KReg WrightHull438m 1,712y1,215.308710h 35m 43s8Sheffield Sheffieldgb 15 z 06471KW770K
 Lib Dets54114DSam WhiteWatchet279m 641y1,215.07726h 44m 39s9WhatchetBridgwaterGB15A40350DW758D
 Lib Dets54260LA. Jones & SonPreston444m 825y1,215.043110h 43m 49s3SouthportCongletonNWHU14C6210LJ285L
 Lib Dets54315DE Reilly, Parr & SonBarnstaple287m 542y1,212.37646h 57m 5s7barnstapleKingsteigntongb15n30186DR170D
 Lib Dets54475BBarrie SmithSparsholt, Winchester257m 43y1,210.49776h 13m 42s6RomseySouthamptonGB17R12853BS701B
 Lib Dets54526FMr & Mrs G H ChupkaReading282m 1,378y1,209.91376h 51m 21s1BOROUGH OF READING RPCSteventonGB 13 N 34169FC055F
 Lib Dets54668EMr & Mrs.P.FergusonAylesbury309m 117y1,208.34587h 30m 10s1GREAT MISSENDENSteventonGB14X04870EF363E
 Lib Dets5475NB Blackett & SonBishop Auckland502m 1,481y1,206.956712h 13m 15s4Toft HillToft HillNEHU17CF1158NB907N
 Lib Dets54861LD J Harrison & SonSouthport443m 1,197y1,204.561410h 48m 16s2SouthportCongletonGB15N48708LH236L
 Lib Dets54962LMr.D.C.LeakeCongleton404m 262y1,202.50549h 51m 31s4congletonCongletonGB16N55832LL739L
 Lib Dets55016DR & D Da SilvaTaunton272m 30y1,200.17556h 38m 54s10bridgwaterBridgwaterGB15N00306DD355D
 Lib Dets55117DR & D Da SilvaTaunton272m 30y1,200.17556h 38m 54s10bridgwaterBridgwatergb15x00306DD355D
 Lib Dets55218DT LuscombePlymouth250m 893y1,198.18736h 7m 58s4Plymouth KingsteigntonGB17S09085DL160D
 Lib Dets55352GMrs Sharon StauntonBridgwater273m 111y1,193.66896h 42m 37s3SedgemoorBridgwaterGB17N81223GS866G
 Lib Dets55453GA SouthbyTaunton267m 1,752y1,190.74016h 36m 7s10watchetBridgwaterGB16N09500GS398G
 Lib Dets55527FAnton & SegesdyDidcot293m 434y1,186.24177h 15m 5s4SteventonSteventonGB17N019075FS533F
 Lib Dets55663LMr & Mrs Blackhall & CowleyEllesmere Port414m 1,395y1,182.211010h 17m 31s2HootonCongletonGB15N49789LB941L
 Lib Dets5575ODave TravisKendal486m 86y1,180.006912h 4m 57s10KenalCongletonGB16Z87901OT001O
 Lib Dets55819DMr D Mitchell & SonNewton Abbott245m 402y1,178.86476h 6m 7s4KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB15N64866DM594D
 Lib Dets55969EC Harrison BrosRichmond286m 915y1,176.92947h 8m 28s10Richmond S.R.F.CAshGB16N78112EH026E
 Lib Dets56064LAnthony CookeCongleton403m 1,483y1,176.305510h 4m 14s2CongletonCongletonGB14N30673LC673L
 Lib Dets56120DD WoodlandBridgwater278m 641y1,176.13976h 56m 33s5BridgwaterBridgwaterGB16P44624DW724D
 Lib Dets56221DD WoodlandBridgwater278m 641y1,175.81046h 56m 40s5BridgwaterBridgwaterGB16P44653DW724D
 Lib Dets56332HMr & Mrs Brian & Angie GarnhamBoston392m 617y1,175.74909h 47m 19s6BostonRoystonGB15X30666HG402H
 Lib Dets56454GH EadesStreet268m 1,694y1,173.46066h 43m 24s6GlastonburyBridgwaterGB15P10560GE009G
 Lib Dets56527PMr.L.J.StockHornchurch299m 604y1,172.58857h 29m 18s6RoystonRoystonGB14E35107PS749P
 Lib Dets56628FMr & Mrs S GuyTadley273m 407y1,168.43046h 51m 34s3CamroseSteventonGB15X05840FG094F
 Lib Dets56776BA HarpPoole236m 129y1,167.70535h 55m 49s8ParkstoneSouthamptonGB16N40725BH012B
 Lib Dets56813CFreeman & PeachAbbotsbury237m 242y1,167.55505h 57m 28s4W.R.W.CBridgwaterGB15N90565CF278C
 Lib Dets56970ELaz GormanSlough289m 32y1,161.66107h 17m 53s4WindsorAshGB17N083662EG446E
 Lib Dets57019WMr.Emlyn CrossColwyn Bay425m 318y1,161.323310h 44m 22s1CongletonCongletonGB17N45337WC841W
 Lib Dets57114CTerry VincentDorchester239m 225y1,160.58006h 2m 38s4BridgewaterBridgwaterGB16S36996CV019C
 Lib Dets57265LM McCartney & SonCarnforth472m 1,004y1,158.928011h 57m 40s2CarnforthCongletonGB12N03911LM364L
 Lib Dets57322DMr & Mrs P NaumWatchet280m 1,715y1,157.66297h 7m 10s14watchetBridgwaterGB16N00424DN088D
 Lib Dets57453JGarth A. ManleyKidderminster347m 402y1,156.88038h 48m 15s3AlveleyGB17G07894JM620J
 Lib Dets57520WW D ReedMonmouth313m 1,042y1,149.47838h 0m 9s4LydneyBridgwaterGB17V52949WR045W
 Lib Dets57623DB & D StrangeBridgwater276m 957y1,149.22757h 3m 31s2BridgwaterBridgwaterGB14N31383DS065D
 Lib Dets57728PMr.N.FlintBillericay302m 678y1,148.42227h 43m 25s12TilburyRoystonGB17N70812PF362P
 Lib Dets57824DA D ChurchillSidmouth249m 257y1,142.66326h 23m 45s10HonitonKingsteigntonGB16N40570DC252D
 Lib Dets57929PL StevensHarold Hill299m 1,024y1,139.90707h 42m 33s10RoystonGB15H28207PS734P
 Lib Dets58025DZbigniew NowakPlymouth247m 1,172y1,137.45576h 23m 13s12PlumouthKingsteigntonGB17N89855DN148D
 Lib Dets58177BA HarpPoole236m 129y1,127.31036h 8m 34s8ParkstoneSouthamptonGB16N40723BH012B
 Lib Dets58226DWayne WrightExeter254m 916y1,125.37626h 38m 3s6HonitonKingsteigntonGB16N87332DW737D
 Lib Dets58321WHawkins FamilyNewport302m 492y1,124.95937h 52m 55s5CwmtilleryCwmtilleryGB16L08528WH001W
 Lib Dets58427DMr & Mrs J WestacottNewton Abbott248m 1,269y1,124.35536h 29m 20s10HEATHFIELDBridgwaterGB15N79015DW532D
 Lib Dets58530PA Annis & SonsWingham292m 180y1,120.85767h 38m 40s6WinghamAshBELG15.6053070PA152P
 Lib Dets58615CCorey & Roger OwersCrewkerne254m 907y1,118.60916h 40m 27s6CrewkernBridgwaterGB17C23890CO050C
 Lib Dets58731AMr M WatsonAngmering241m 128y1,116.89036h 19m 53s5LittlehamptonSouthamptonGB17N23781AW707A
 Lib Dets58854JB & S PriceHereford330m 1,371y1,115.34138h 41m 58s4HerefordAlveleyGB15H13798JP363J
 Lib Dets58932AHoward & GoreSeaford245m 1,717y1,099.89086h 33m 36s4EastbourneSouthamptonGB15X12218AG392A
 Lib Dets59028DR & D Da SilvaTaunton272m 30y1,091.79027h 18m 30s10bridgwaterBridgwaterGB15S92993DD355D
 Lib Dets59129DR & D Da SilvaTaunton272m 30y1,090.96097h 18m 50s10bridgwaterBridgwatergb16s01656DD355D
 Lib Dets59230DR & D Da SilvaTaunton272m 30y1,090.96097h 18m 50s10bridgwaterBridgwaterGB16S00656DD355D
 Lib Dets59333HR J Harding & PettittCambridge341m 752y1,080.00009h 16m 24s2cambridge granta s.r.f.cRoystonGB17Z082865HH802H
 Lib Dets59431DSimon CorderySidmouth249m 1,630y1,076.70536h 48m 32s7honiton south road flying clubKingsteigntonGB17P28868DC676D
 Lib Dets59555JMr & Mrs T WilliamsCrewe397m 1,016y1,074.808310h 51m 2s5HankelowCongletonGB17Z043792JW529J
 Lib Dets59634HEddy & Clayton OxboroughGreat Yarmouth383m 209y1,073.082110h 28m 22s6Browston HallRoystonGB13N97895HO065H
 Lib Dets59771ERussell TornoNORTHOLT290m 1,577y1,070.63367h 58m 12s10UNIKONSteventonGB16 E 02543ET343E
 Lib Dets59832DMr & Mrs J McClementsPlymouth244m 777y1,066.60966h 43m 21s4PLYMOUTHKingsteigntonGB17P31019DM211D
 Lib Dets59923IMrs Owen Robinson & SonBirmingham348m 1,305y1,065.72239h 35m 56s3PortwayAlveleyGB15Z63184IR082I
 Lib Dets60033AR Broome & GrandsonHavant242m 416y1,063.84536h 40m 45s4Leigh ParkSouthamptonGB15N15747AB823A
 Lib Dets60178BCottrell, Richmond & SonWimborne241m 107y1,063.68136h 38m 52s5RossmoorSouthamptonGB16N98617BC523B
 Lib Dets60233DMr & Mrs A NolanPlymouth247m 46y1,061.48366h 49m 35s6PlymouthKingsteigntonNEHU17Z6091DN048D
 Lib Dets60334DLee & DyerPlymouth246m 252y1,058.68046h 49m 12s13PLYMOUTHKingsteigntonGB17N16203DL217D
 Lib Dets60431PLyden BrosSandwich292m 1,641y1,058.13988h 7m 14s6WinghamAshGB17F20554PL129P
 Lib Dets6056NBrian CaleyDurham514m 658y1,053.897614h 19m 0s2Toft HillToft Hill16SAC1869NC922N
 Lib Dets60635DSimon CorderySidmouth249m 1,630y1,053.11846h 57m 41s7honiton south road flying clubKingsteigntonGB17 H13439DC676D
 Lib Dets60772ERussell TornoNORTHOLT290m 1,577y1,049.31248h 7m 55s10UNIKONSteventonGB17 V 06663ET343E
 Lib Dets60836DR & D Da SilvaTaunton272m 30y1,048.54907h 36m 35s10bridgwaterBridgwaterGB16S01660DD355D
 Lib Dets60932PCharlie SimmonsBasildon301m 593y1,042.42878h 28m 46s6BasildonRoystonGB17S00093PS759P
 Lib Dets61066LBryan JonesMelling472m 916y1,041.019813h 18m 52s2CarnforthCongletonGB16Z899035LJ288L
 Lib Dets61179BGuy ReedShanklin…..226m 1,673y1,040.41596h 23m 55s6IoWSouthamptonGB17N30893BR498B
 Lib Dets61255GKing BrosNr Bristol290m 1,602y1,039.73878h 12m 26s6WraxallBridgwaterNWHU17D1649GK022G
 Lib Dets61337DR Goodier & SonsMarsh Green253m 33y1,038.46947h 8m 49s8Honiton srfcKingsteigntonBELG15.6234634DG121D
 Lib Dets61438DR Prettejohn & M UnderhillPlymouth244m 1,509y1,036.68276h 55m 42s9Plymouth KingsteigntonGB16N81557DP190D
 Lib Dets61534AMr & Mrs MarshallLittle Hampton240m 1,185y1,036.04016h 48m 51s4LittlehamptonSouthamptonGB14X42503AM302A
 Lib Dets61673ER.W. GammageAddlestone277m 286y1,034.98577h 51m 19s3GodalmingAshGB16E35653EG316E
 Lib Dets61716CD VincentAxminster250m 575y1,033.32427h 6m 22s6HonitonKingsteigntonGB14R34452CV018C
 Lib Dets61867LMr & Mrs Blackhall & CowleyEllesmere Port414m 1,395y1,029.281411h 49m 16s2HootonCongletonGB14H17566LB941L
 Lib Dets61939DMr C Stevens & Sue WhiteSidmouth250m 1,027y1,029.11457h 8m 33s5HonitonKingsteigntonGB17H13476DW735D
 Lib Dets62074ERussell TornoNORTHOLT290m 1,577y1,027.24128h 18m 24s10UNIKONSteventonGB16 X 74313ET343E
 Lib Dets62129FMr & Mrs.Brian CoxOxford304m 656y1,024.34068h 42m 58s3SteventonSteventonGB12X36101FC445F
 Lib Dets62256GMartin HobbsBridgwater276m 799y1,009.49348h 1m 59s4BridgwaterBridgwaterGB17X31782GH807G
 Lib Dets62340DK SmithExeter255m 1,717y1,006.59197h 27m 34s6KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB17N58418DS724D
 Lib Dets62475ED J Cook BrosLondon285m 1,328y997.08178h 24m 24s5BromleyAshGB15N85052EC466E
 Lib Dets62580BB RobertsonPortsmouth238m 56y992.34747h 2m 10s10milton h sSouthamptonGB13X13507BR219B
 Lib Dets62681BA BoxallSouthampton247m 994y990.03417h 20m 6s3TottonSouthamptonGB14N72291BB889B
 Lib Dets62741DPhil BondTorquay240m 446y980.55047h 11m 14s5KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB16N74623DB899D
 Lib Dets62835HCook & TaylorOver346m 873y980.202510h 22m 9s2HuntingdonRoystonGB14P07809HC665H
 Lib Dets62942DA W HarwoodSidmouth248m 1,128y972.17427h 30m 8s4HonitonKingsteigntonGB16N99447DH810D
 Lib Dets63043DMr & Mrs D MurphyPlymouth246m 837y965.17307h 29m 27s7PlymouthKingsteigntonGB17N25918DM595D
 Lib Dets63144DUnderhill & PrettejohnPlymouth244m 1,697y953.66717h 32m 5s6Plymouth KingsteigntonGB17N68003DU001D
 Lib Dets63257GClive TaylorBristol286m 1,133y935.66138h 59m 11s3highlittleton fcBridgwaterGB16N60880GT283G
 Lib Dets63358GG D HancockDevizes278m 349y934.70388h 43m 50s1BromhamSteventonGB16N50787GH060G
 Lib Dets63476ERussell TornoNORTHOLT290m 1,577y934.49209h 7m 52s10UNIKONSteventonGB17 V 06603ET343E
 Lib Dets63545DBob BrownPlymouth247m 908y932.28997h 47m 16s11PlymouthKingsteigntonGB17N63029DB521D
 Lib Dets63617CTyrone GunterHoniton259m 748y925.64138h 13m 16s2HONITONKingsteigntongb 13 j 36288CG121C
 Lib Dets6371QFrost & DownsSt. Austell263m 853y919.43638h 24m 22s6St.AustellKingsteigntonGB16S12586QF276Q
 Lib Dets63846DJ Knox & B StewartBideford288m 1,594y914.22019h 16m 11s10BIDEFORDKingsteigntonGB14N43964DK168D
 Lib Dets63977ERussell TornoNORTHOLT290m 1,577y906.87639h 24m 33s10UNIKONSteventonGB17 V 06648ET343E
 Lib Dets64047DG BuckPlymouth247m 265y906.65957h 59m 46s8PlymouthKingsteigntonGB17P16302DB077D
 Lib Dets64178EP & L WorleyStaines284m 752y904.43929h 13m 29s3BedfontAshgb17n31038EW116E
 Lib Dets64248DMr & Mrs P Pym & R PymExeter252m 1,436y901.60288h 13m 31s8KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB17N37515DP371D
 Lib Dets64336HMr J GannonNorwich377m 619y881.074112h 33m 47s8Gt.YarmouthRoystonGB16R41089HG400H
 Lib Dets6446OL.Blacklock & SonsWorkington514m 744y863.065017h 29m 2s2FlimbyCongletonGB15D07021OB946O
 Lib Dets64579EA Stoner & SonMorden281m 763y854.02979h 39m 59s14ashAshGB 16 N69711ES725E
 Lib Dets64649DMark MalinsExeter256m 342y843.14898h 54m 47s4KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB17N20695DM603D
 Lib Dets64750DS W BinmorePaignton239m 997y841.17118h 21m 15s4KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB16E34122DB150D
 Lib Dets64818CC A J RileyBlandford Forum241m 439y827.11418h 33m 21s1WeymouthBridgwaterBE16.6065592CR210C
 Lib Dets6497NB Blackett & SonBishop Auckland502m 1,481y824.714417h 53m 6s4Toft HillToft HillNEHU15CF430NB907N
 Lib Dets6508NB Blackett & SonBishop Auckland502m 1,481y795.006318h 33m 12s4Toft HillToft HillNEHU16CF1236NB907N
 Lib Dets65151DMr & Mrs M P SherborneBarnstaple286m 1,582y764.793311h 0m 14s4Bideford + Dist H.S.KingsteigntonGB16N70227DS716D
 Lib Dets65233PAndrew GirlingCanterbury285m 344y747.923611h 11m 7s10Ashford KentAshGB15A23381PG423P
 Lib Dets6532QV & D HarveyPenzance275m 1,306y737.864810h 57m 43s3PenzanceKingsteigntonGB16N70740QH661Q
 Lib Dets6543QDave JohnsonSt. Austell266m 1,621y731.480310h 42m 14s7St AustellKingsteigntonGB16R36994QJ006Q
 Lib Dets65582BBen Smith & FatherSouthampton245m 1,337y725.02369h 56m 35s2TottonSouthamptonGB17N42897BS705B
 Lib Dets6564QHarry SearlePenzance268m 965y723.971810h 52m 51s2PenzanceKingsteigntonGB16N50491QS203Q
 Lib Dets6575QG Jacobs & D HoskinPenzance276m 1,379y718.264611h 18m 13s6Penzance Premier KingsteigntonGB16P20319QJ349Q
 Lib Dets6586QR Stevenson & SonSt.Austell268m 403y717.269710h 58m 10s8St Austell KingsteigntonGB17A35626QS004Q
 Lib Dets65952DMr & Mrs Wilkinson & SonPlymouth246m 1,465y715.633010h 7m 3s5PlymouthKingsteigntonGB17N07878DW076D
 Lib Dets66068LRonnie DoddLiverpool430m 107y700.126718h 1m 6s2LiverpoolCongletonGB17Z7324LD317L
 Lib Dets6617QW HollowHayle274m 972y692.628111h 37m 39s16PenzanceKingsteigntonGB15N25506QH820Q
 Lib Dets6628QA.J.WaldockSt.Austell263m 1,716y691.328811h 12m 2s6St AustellKingsteigntonGB12B11371QW753Q
 Lib Dets6639QM & A Watson & SonTruro266m 1,009y683.654111h 26m 16s5Truro dfcKingsteigntonGB14N51357QW734Q
 Lib Dets66453DMr & Mrs J HollandBarnstaple287m 245y676.299812h 27m 15s1barnstapleKingsteigntonGB12N16204DH797D
 Lib Dets66510QR Stevenson & SonSt.Austell268m 403y647.413312h 9m 11s8St Austell KingsteigntonGB17A35673QS004Q
 Lib Dets66611QG Jacobs & D HoskinPenzance276m 1,379y635.896412h 46m 4s6Penzance Premier KingsteigntonGB15P27987QJ349Q
 Lib Dets66754DJ Carr & SonTeignmouth244m 464y622.838711h 30m 14s4KingsteigntonKingsteigntonGB15N64560DC664D
 Lib Dets999999ZF.C.Wright & SonEastbourne245m 783y1,050.96836h 51m 2s8EastbourneAshGB14N28075ZW002Z
 Lib Dets999997ZR.G.TurnerMalvern325m 1,181y1,160.95138h 13m 43s4MalvernAlveleyGB13C49606ZT001Z
 Lib Dets999994ZMr & Mrs DyerLowestoft377m 1,490y1,311.57068h 27m 2s2BrowstonRoystonGB17P19147ZD002Z
 Lib Dets999995ZJ.DaviesCrewkerne253m 1,788y1,304.80015h 42m 38s10CrewkerneBridgwaterGB16N28507ZD004Z
 Lib Dets999992ZMr.C.R.ElliottWantage292m 861y1,396.39506h 8m 39s4WatchfieldSteventonNWHU16E2391ZE002Z
 Lib Dets999993ZJ & A.HaconGreat Yarmouth382m 1,046y1,386.43018h 5m 41s2Great YarmouthRoystonGB13S36176ZH002Z
 Lib Dets999991ZLloyd Bros.Wrexham404m 315y1,545.36017h 40m 19s4CongletonCongletonGB15Z42318ZL003Z
 Lib Dets9999910ZMr.Ashley PowellCrewe401m 231y1,021.029711h 31m 27s2CreweCongletonGB17N044074ZP001Z
 Lib Dets999998ZRobert SaundersOulton Broad377m 72y1,134.24849h 45m 3s3Ness PointRoystonGB17P19002ZS001Z
 Lib Dets999996ZW R SeagerSeaview231m 1,584y1,192.41565h 42m 17s4Cowes I.O.W.SouthamptonGB15V43886ZS002Z

Events & News

2018 Race 3 Ancenis Press Report -

If ever there was any doubt about the magic of racing with the National Flying Club the Ancenis race flown on the 16th June would sum it all up. Fanciers from all over the country competing against each other with the top of the leader board changing as the birds went further up country. As the race reached its climax it developed into a real nail biter, with the top three open positions all on the same velocity split on decimals and to indicate the fairness of the race, all three were winners of three separate sections with 70 miles between them. What a great race!

Eventually, the winner was John Crehan racing as Crehan & O’Connor from Salford in Manchester

who had sent only one pigeon which had arrived ten minutes earlier than expected, pitched on to the roof and when the dropper was deployed, went over the ETS pad. John verified online and worked out his velocity but did not receive a confirmation email, nor was he put into the result and at the time Adams Bros from section J were leading. John knew it was very close so a phone call to the Secretary confirmed his verification number and after a few minutes his bird was placed top of the provisional result but only by two tenths of a yard over Adams Bros in Section J and R M Taylor in section I was very close too. Gerry Clements from the NFC Committee was asked to verify the pigeon and after the usual checks, he informed Sid all was in order but for John it all became very real. “He’s on the ceiling” as handshake in congratulations left John sky high in anticipation.

Two seconds split the first three, so it was all down to the clock check and any variations that may have occurred since marking. John knew that although he was using ETS it could still pull up a second either way, so when he went to the clock station in the evening, he stood over the printer watching the recorded times appear and most importantly, the variation. Yes! He shouted, and fist punched the air as it proved his clock was dead on. But he realised he could still be beaten as Adams Bros clock could have pulled up a second fast and he would not know for some time, so the nail biting continued. But it transpired that John could celebrate his very first NFC win after only three previous attempts and he was over the moon with excitement having succeeded with his single entry, now called “Solo Warrior.”

John has been a very successful sprint/inland flyer for years until he decided to sell all his best birds due to personal reasons, but shortly after whilst at the Sun City One Loft final, he met Jan Hooymans who offered to supply John with youngsters to race as a partnership with a target of winning a National within five years. John accepted and although National racing was new to him, he relished the challenge and began to study the competitions available. One that sparked his interest was the “Deduif UK” competition, where the overall champion was decided by the lowest coefficient over five categories based on distance. The first year the UK was included in the competition it was won by GWP Macaloney, the year after by Prince Bros and John has set his sights on this title for 2018.

Any fancier who wishes to enter “Deduif UK”can calculate his coefficient by taking 100, divided by the number of birds in the race, times by the position won in the race and times that again by the number of pigeons the fancier entered. The resulting number is the coefficient and the lowest coefficient wins. A coefficient is then submitted for each category with them all being added together to decide the overall winner. It’s a real test of skill where the small team fancier can actually gain an advantage over some of the bigger teams. John had planned his season by studying the race programs available to him with a view to obtaining the best possible coefficient in each category. The race he needed for the long-distance category which has to be over 425 miles, is Sigogne with the NFC, which is around 540 miles to him. 

He knew he had an excellent candidate and that it would be beneficial to his coefficient to send only one, so he decided to send him to Ancenis in preparation for Sigogne, as an eight-hour race is what John felt he needed.

But now that he has won the preparation race he is left with a dilemma, because the distance raced from Ancenis is just short of the required 425 miles by 189 yards! Should he send him on? it is a huge decision to make considering the perils faced by our birds on the route home, and a quandary that John is now considering. 

John races the double widowhood system, and for the inland races both the cocks and their hens are sent. But he lost the hen mated to “Solo Warrior” during a race, so he repaired him to another which was left with him over night before going to the marking station. His previous race was from Cheltenham, a distance of 107 miles which was three weeks before going to the National and he was fed with a diet mixture in the mornings with widowhood mix in the evenings. Fats were added for the last few feeds and John could see his form increase but towards the end he was not eating as much as normal which worried John a little. A few phone calls to prominent long-distance fanciers reassured him all was OK and that it is often the case when a bird is fully fuelled up for the job ahead which proved to be correct.

The Jan Hooyman pigeons have Gabby Vandenebelle, Koopman and Van Dyke bloodlines as their base and John says they are the best pigeons he has ever raced. He called Jan whilst he was on holiday in Argentina and he was thrilled. The year they met Jan won the £100K car in Sun City and dove into the pool fully dressed in celebration, so his excitement overflows when his pigeons do well in tough competition. John has a great relationship with Jan and hopes to achieve much more in return for the faith Jan has shown in his abilities.

His previous sprint pigeons would have given their all by the 150-mile stage but the Hooymans are unphased by the distance and are clapping around after 400 miles so he knows he can get more out of them, and is confident of yet another low coefficient from the 540-mile race from Sigogne on the 21st of July with the National Flying Club.

John would like to congratulate the other section winners and although he came out on top, it was very close and either one could have won. He has tremendous respect for the other fanciers “Adams Bros have been phenomenal for years and are always ones to look out for on National results” he said but he is pleased to scoop the first prize of £1000 as well as the £1000 Open race prize money and having only just begun channel racing, he has had a dream fortnight by also winning the RPRA North West Region all combine race from Carentan and 3rd section BICC from Poitiers. Good luck with your decision John, I don’t envy that one mate.

News and Views to Chris Sutton 01530 242548

Ancenis Race Advisors -

Liberation Detailed Report.

Our birds were liberated this morning (16/06/18) at 6:10am from Ancenis in a 10° temperature and a wind that was North Westernly and only 2 to 4 mph. The Convoyer reported clear skies and one large high cloud that prevented an earlier liberation. The birds broke well but we had one small batch that had a mind of its own but cleared the site within 5 minutes of release.

As Race Controller, I ideally wanted to get the birds off and on their way at least 40 minutes early. The reason being that all the data I had collected showed we could beat the weather over to the UK, instead of dodging it. Although we started off in a very light North Wester, the French wind will change to a South Westerly, as we approach the coast, where there may be very light scattered outbreaks on French soil. The fresh channel winds will remain predominately South West for the crossing and mostly shower free. The winds in England are hugely variable with light directions from West to South South West and speeds of 4mph to 22mph. Unfortunately due to the delayed liberation, some members will have birds going around the isolated showers. Those that fly directly through to their lofts, will be the winners today. Best of luck to all our Members.

Ancenis Open Race Entry Procedure -

Non Members who wish to enter the NFC Ancenis Open Race are requested to follow these steps: -


1) In order to register you interest and enter you personal details please click on to 'Members Area', then 'Open Membership Management', then 'Open Race Membership Registration'. Compolete the on-line form. Once you coinfrm you details you will receive an email  with your Username code number and a link to login to the site. The system will generate a randonm passord so teh first time you login you will have to click the forgot password link in the login screen. 

2) In order to register for the race, if you are not already logged in, log in enter your userid and password details via the 'Members Area', then 'Logging in & out' menu options. Once logged in, click on to 'Races', then 'On Line Race Entry Form'.


If you prefer, you can also post your entry to teh club secretary. You can get the forms here: -

In word format - 1) Race Entry Form 3 part A 2018 Open and 2) Race Entry Form 3 part B 2018 Open

In pdf format: - 1) Race Entry Form 3 part A 2018 Open and 2) Race Entry Form 3 part B Open

2018 Race 2 Messac Press Report

On Saturday the 2nd of June, approximately 7000 National Flying Club Racing Pigeons were liberated

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2018 Race 1 Coutances Press Report -

A loft that has been consistently at the top of National results and amassed the phenomenal total of eight National wins along with over thirty-five section wins is husband and wife partnership Mel and Sue King. They live in Blandford Forum, a market town in the northern district of Dorset, close to the river Stour and have flown at this address for the past 35 years. While I was aware of their previous successes, I had never been given the opportunity to visit, so I was thrilled when I received the call to go and report on their latest National Flying Club win from Coutances, the first race point of the season, which is situated on the Cherbourg peninsular in France.

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Verification Result -

Dear Members,

For the first race, Coutances, due to hardware failure, resulting in a network failure, an online verification result will not contain every members verifications in good time. In detail, those that verify on line will be shown. Those verifying by telephone will not be shown. We hope to have this sorted as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Sid Barkel, Secretary

Coutances Latest Lib News

19th May - The birds at Coutances have been liberated at 7.15 hrs in a 8 mph North East wind in 9' temperature, in to clear blue sky. Trevor Cracknell informs us that they cleared very well.  We wish you thevery best of luck.

On Line Race Entry

Although we have published the handbook online, the race entry forms can be printed out, the Handbook has sent out in the post: - Enter online for accuracy and ease. On the top menu, simply click 'Racing' and then select, 'On-Line Race Entry Form'. Some keen members have already entered this way, fantastic!

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