We Host

The UK's Grand National
Premier Pigeon Races!

Our Prizes Include

Fantastic Pay outs of up to £30,000 per race
for the new 2018 season!

Our Gold Ring Scheme

Pays out in excess of £5,000

Events & News

Important Announcement Regarding Payment Fees

Dear Member

As your newly appointed treasurer, I have the unenviable task of advising you that we are introducing a 75p handling charge on all payments made to the NFC.

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2017 Gold Ring Result

See the Gold Ring result and the fantastic money payout:

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Shows Attending

- The National Flying Club will have a trade stand at the following shows: -1) Spring Donny, Doncaster Pigeon Show on Saturday 10th March. Mr. M. McGrevy will be attendance: 2) Epsom Race Course Pigeon Show on Saturday 24th March. Mr. P. Naum, Chairman, will be in attendence. Please attend to have a chat, we look forward to meeting you.  

2017 Trophy Winners and Averages

See the latest 2017 Trophy winners and Averages

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Frome Marking Station

  - the Frome Marking Station has been closed. A new marking station has been opened in replacement at, "North Pertherton  Rugby Club, Nr. Bridgwater, TA6 6NW. This new station has excellent facilities. The new I/c will be Mr. Paul Naum, Chairman. Any queries, please contact Paul.

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